Unspeakable stench of our Massachusetts State Police

Trooper Michael Proctor is the first of the corrupt Canton cone head cops to be… re-homed, to use the McAlberts’ favorite word.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is, this vile criminal will remain on the hackerama’s payroll indefinitely, maybe even forever, despite being totally crooked.

Professional courtesy, it’s called.

Hours after a mistrial was declared in the Karen Read murder case, Proctor was unceremoniously booted from the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

But he wasn’t fired. The crooks hardly ever are. Proctor won’t be making $146,050 this year like he did with overtime in 2023.

Still, his base pay remains $106,588, which is pretty damn good for a dunce who otherwise would be laboring in either the landscaping or the hospitality industry.

Now that Meatball Morrissey will no longer have the services of Proctor, who will make sure that ever more pieces of taillight mysteriously keep appearing on the lawn at 34 Fairview Street (and in the sealed crime bags)?

Without Proctor, who will be charge of not interviewing any of the witnesses who might know who really committed the crime?

Michael Proctor – he left no stone unturned, except the ones his fellow corrupt cops were hiding under. And now he will fight like hell, not to keep working, but to keep getting paid. He’s a hack’s hack.

That’s the MSP for you. These corrupt thugs are like toe fungus – impossible to get rid of.

It’s a union thing. They have their own brotherhood called SPAM – the State Police Association of Massachusetts. It used to be run by a Worcester cop capo named Dana Pullman, until he went down on a federal rap – RICO, fraud, obstruction of justice and tax charges.

It was a tragedy when Pullman went down – he ran the booziest annual golf tournaments ever in union history. He had a beer tap in union headquarters on Beacon Street. Everybody was too drunk to see how much money he was embezzling.

Pullman’s pension last year was $65,439.12.

Top to bottom, the state police have no shame – zero. A TV reporter approached Mr. and Mrs. Proctor at their little house in Canton Monday afternoon and his harridan wife screamed, “Get off our bleepin’ lawn.”

The reporter was on the street.

The shrew screamed at the reporter, “Karen Read is a murderer!” Then she fled inside before the reporter could ask her a follow-up question or two:

“Does this mean your husband still wishes Karen Read would commit suicide?’

And the reporter migh have then asked a question about the “thank-you gift” the McAlberts wanted to give her for her husband arresting Karen Read, despite all evidence to the contrary:

“Mrs. Proctor, did Julie Albert ever get you that ‘gift’ your crooked husband was soliciting?”

Inquiring minds want to know. Some of them might even be on a federal grand jury.

Another question that the Proctor housewife might have been asked:

“Mrs. Proctor, did your husband ever show you of the nudes of Karen Read that he was salivating over?”

If you’re looking for a poster boy for MSP corruption beyond Proctor, consider former Lt. Dan Griffin. The feds started catching him stealing in 2015. He destroyed evidence against himself, was busted and indicted in 2020, the same year he went out on a “disability” pension.

Despite stealing probably millions of dollars, since September 2020 Griffin has been collecting $10,913 a month for his, ahem, disability. Kleptomania is a terrible disease.

Will his fellow hacks ever pry Griffin’s crooked snout of the public trough? Doubtful. If they do, it will require the Jaws of Life.

During the COVID fiasco, the staties eliminated some of their “good apples,” as opposed to bad apples. That’s just how they operate. I mean, how can you trust someone who doesn’t steal?

During the Panic, one straight-arrow trooper was stripped of his car and uniform at the academy in New Braintree. The cop who refused the shot was both a combat veteran and Sunday school teacher.

He was humiliated by a superior officer, a lieutenant, who was once charged with shoving his wife’s head into an unflushed toilet. Unlike the combat veteran Sunday school teacher, the domestic abuser never lost his job.

Last year he made $206,900.

The lieutenant had a relative even further up in the MSP hack-hierarchy. This bum was a captain. He retired last year after a judge granted a temporary protective order to a 27-year-old man who claimed Capt. Touchy had been, uh, brushing up against him inappropriately.

That “retired” trooper now pockets a kiss in the mail of $11,109.66 a month.

You can see why Proctor will be fighting to keep that no-heavy-lifting job, even if he can’t frame anybody anymore. He doesn’t care if he’s in the glue or not.

Proctor will never “work” again, but he leaves behind quite the legacy – he and all the other corrupt chrome domes on the MSP.

What they’ve all left behind is an unspeakable stench on the already tawdry reputation of the MSP.

You can read what people think on the MSP’s Facebook page. It’s become a source of comic gold. On Sunday, for example, a sinkhole opened up on Route 24 in Stoughton, which is next door to Canton.

Remember all the missing evidence in the Karen Read case – the missing Ford Edge that Trooper Proctor had no interest in investigating? Or the McAlberts’ disappearing dog, Chloe?

Or Proctor’s drunk-driving escapades with one of the McAlberts while working on a “cold case?”

The commenters remembered all the above, and more, when they commented on the sinkhole in Stoughton.

Meme Harvester: “Send Proctor and his drinking buddies there!!! Can you explain the citizens why cops can drive drunk in the police cruisers, but they can’t? Is that qualified immunity?”

Pete: “Was it as big as the hole Michael Proctor dug for himself and his fellow boys in blue?”

 Don Mason: “You guys think that there’s more tail light in that sink hole? Maybe Chloe is down there, maybe Higgins’ and Albert’s phones too. Also, keep an eye out for discarded flooring as well as your own integrity.”

Another question on the page: “Hos long will the delays be?”

A better question would be, “Hos long will Proctor keep getting paid?”

The answer is, until the State Police clean up their act. And since that will never happen, the answer is, forever.

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