Under Biden, we’re worse off than we were

This time, the entire catastrophe has occurred in less than two years, and it’s been created entirely, 100%, by the Democrat party of Dementia Joe Biden.

There is only one question to consider as you prepare to vote on Tuesday:

“Are you better off or worse off than you were two years ago?”

That’s what most Republican candidates have been asking in their last debates this week, or in their final ad buys and stump speeches. It’s just a slight variation on Ronald Reagan’s famous question during the 1980 presidential campaign against Jimmy Carter, who, by the way, is no longer the worst president in American history.

Other than the number of years in the question, the big difference between now and 1980 is that when Reagan posed his query, it had taken a decade of disasters, both foreign and domestic, from both parties, to get the U.S. into such a perilous state.

This time, the entire catastrophe has occurred in less than two years, and it’s been created entirely, 100%, by the Democrat party of Dementia Joe Biden.

In this real-life horror movie, we’ve had no Six-Day War, no mullahs in Iran, no oil cutoffs by OPEC, no idiotic decisions by GOP presidents like wage-price controls or Whip Inflation Now.

This present ongoing calamity is all on one party — the Democrats.

In some places, like New York, Democrat crime may be a bigger issue than Democrat inflation. But here in New England, it’s not just Democrat inflation, it’s the likely Democrat fuel shortages, and skyrocketing prices for what little may be available as winter nears.

In parts of New England, there’s already talk of rationing home-heating oil this winter. Rationing!

Paul LePage, the GOP candidate for governor of Maine, told me Friday night that in parts of Aroostook County kerosene availability is already spotty. When you can buy it, it can run as high as $7 a gallon.

Seven bucks for kerosene. That’s what people who live in trailers use for heat. These are the people Biden’s insane green-energy policies are going to freeze this winter.

And. Democrats. Don’t. Care.

If only some of their beloved illegal aliens lived in trailers, then Democrats might be worried. But Americans freezing? You think the Squad is worried about citizens who actually… work?

“I checked home-heating oil prices in Vermont,” says Gerald Malloy, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in the Green Mountain state. “In December 2020, less than two years ago, it was $2.04. Now it’s $6, and dealers are telling me once the election’s over, it could go up as high as $9 a gallon.”

As dark a cloud as all this is for the Northeast, there’s a silver lining in it for the GOP — except in Massachusetts, where the Republican candidate for governor has barely even bothered to mount a campaign.

You know, when you think about it, the Massachusetts GOP picked a really bad year to commit political suicide. But we’ll leave that autopsy for later.

Before in-person voting begins Tuesday, let’s check in with some of my listeners and texters to see how they’re doing in Brandon’s Brave New World:

From 978 area code: “I got a $2 raise at work. It ends up 53 out of 80 & because of Brandon I have to reduce the amount I put in my 401(k) because me & the wife only make about 120 grand a year & we can barely afford our 1000-square-foot home.”

From 508: “I called to fill up my oil tank. They told me it was $5.69 a gallon but they couldn’t get out for a couple of days. By the time the truck arrived, it was up to $5.90 a gallon.”

From 617: “Sunflower seeds. 50 lbs. went from $26.99 to $32.99. Bought this week, still $32.99 but bag is reduced from 50 to 40 lbs.”

Derek: “Shaw Market in Dedham — $10.79 for Oscar Meyer bacon. Used to be $6.79.”

From 508: “My water bill in Bridgewater just jumped $25. They increased the rate to cover insurance costs & give raises to the plumbers to keep them.”

From 407: “Senior breakfast at my local Mom & Pop was $6.59, now $7.69, plus 40 cent ‘upcharge’ until prices ‘stabilize.’”

Barbara: “I bought tires two years ago for $225 apiece. Now they’re $375.”

From 860: “Friendly’s Ice Cream has gone crazy. It used to be you could get 2 cartons (1.5 quarts) for $4 on sale. Now the same carton is $7 for 2!”

From 917: “I’m going to use Biden’s student-loan bailout to buy eggs.”

From 781: “Our local breakfast place has had to raise price a couple of times since Brandon took over AND they now tack on 3 ½% for credit card payments.”

From 401: “Steak at BJ’s last week $15.99. Same steak today $18.99. Thanks Brandon.”

From 508: “It’s been awhile but went to my favorite seafood market that also cooks hot food to go. Ordered some fried clams w/fries. $34!!! And it’s a takeout place.”

From 774: “Automatic transmission fluid was $4-$5 a quart 2 years ago. Now the same stuff is $10-14. I needed 3 qts. So I bought O’Reilly’s house brand for $7.49 qt.”

Justin from Arlington: “Our electric bill at Boyle’s Bodyworks is up $700.”

From 339: “My MA tax rebate check is going straight to Market Basket.”

Nancy: “I buy mini-Whoopee pies as Christmas gifts for our customers. For years it’s been $50 for 15. This year it’s $75 for 15. But what am I gonna do?”

Matt in Oklahoma: “Paint’s up 10 percent.”

Rambo: “I buy Walmart ripple chips. The party size has gone up from $2.37 to $3.12.”

Wayne: “I was paying 12.9 cents per Kilowatt hr. for 2 years. They raised the price but gave me a grace period for 2 months at 10.9 cents. But then it goes up to 26.9 cents!”

From 978: “I have electric heat and I’m worried about black/brownouts. Trying to buy a generator. On edge.”

If it makes you feel any better, so are the Democrats. Except here in Massachusetts, of course.

Get out and vote like there’s no tomorrow, because if you don’t, there may not be one. At least not one that you recognize.

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