Twitter Shadow-bans Critique of Boston’s INSANE New Policy Legalizing Shoplifting, Larceny

Suffolk County DA Rachel Rollins unveiled Tuesday a new memo — “The Rachel Rollins Memo” — which applies new lenient standards to criminals, especially illegal alien criminals, convicted of certain offenses.

Shoplifting, larceny, breaking and entering, trespassing, driving with a suspended license, malicious destruction of property, and resisting arrest are now all crimes that will not be prosecuted if the suspect is poor, mentally ill, addicted to drugs, or committed the alleged crime “of necessity.”

Following my Twitter thread describing the new policy, including examples taken directly from the Rachel Rollins Memo, Twitter effectively shadow-banned one of the tweets from my thread.

What’s this shadowban thing? When I’m logged into my Twitter account, the tweet in question looks like this:

But if you look at it from Grace or Howie’s account, it looks like this:

What’s going on here? This Tweet does not appear to violate any of Twitter’s so-called community standards. It does not promote violence. It’s simply an analysis (the correct analysis, I might add) of an important new policy affecting all of Boston.

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