Tweet Beat VP Debate Edition – 10.8.20

The Vice Presidential debate was last night– and based off my Twitter feed, two things are very clear.

  1. VP Mike Pence won– bigly.
  2. A fly in the room offered Democrats a much-needed distraction from the fact that their Mamala was not prepared to answer any real questions.

Here are the best tweets of the night.

And the #1 Democratic excuse for Harris’ poor performance is…MANSPLAINING!

Maybe George can mansplain to Sara Fagen why she is mistaken and there was mansplaining going on. It would be a real full circle moment.

If it weren’t for double standards…the left would have no standards at all.

Stephen Miller is maybe my favorite person on Twitter ever.

After the accusations of mansplaining by Pence started circulating on social media, @Redsteeze tweeted exactly what we’re all thinking. #Hypocrisy

The Buck Stops Here.

The media cannot admit their hero lost last night. They are never going to come out and say Pence won. Instead, they will deflect and downplay in hopes people will ignore his stellar performance.


VP Pence had a quite a few standout moments last night but his takedown of Biden’s handling of China was beautiful.

What a coincidence…

If you haven’t heard the news…the debate commission wants to make the next Presidential debate “virtual”. What could possibly go wrong? (Trump has already said he will not partake in a Zoom call debate.)

What was your favorite tweet from last night?

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