Tweet Beat: Media desperate to bury bombshell

There is only 13 days until the election. We have no time to waste! In the words of Fredo Cuomo, “let’s get after it.”

First up…

MSM continues to shield Biden’s Hunter problem

How much time do you think the networks would give to this story if it were Don. Jr and not Hunter Biden? Probably as much time as they gave to the Russian Hoax…

Secret Service Confirms Hunter’s Trips

There seems to be a lot of corroborating material with this Hunter Biden story. If only there was a way to get the media to report on it. They are still sticking by the idea that this bombshell is Russian disinformation.

To be fair– why would Biden explain details of the NY Post story when the press so obviously does not want him to. He is running out the clock. Plain and simple.

Speaking of the NY Post…

Doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about Big Tech?

Another “fair” moderator…

Kristen Welker might be the most biased of all the debate/townhall “moderators” so far. And considering her competition (Chuck Wallace, George Stephy, Savannah Guthrie) that is REALLY saying something.


President Trump has managed to do the impossible. I am now a fan of the song YMCA. This was a specific song on my DO NOT PLAYLIST for my wedding. But after POTUS conclude his nightly rallies with this song, I’ve changed my tune.

Toobin Update!

Yup. You read that headline right. The media is now defending Toobin’s scandal by trying to blame the reaction from people on their “unease with masturbation”. This is pretzel-bending logic, or should I say liberal logic.

Last but not least!

Okay guys– that is all the news for today! Check back in tomorrow.


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