Tweet Beat: “Four more years of George…” 10.26.20

Do you have a case of the Mondays?

Well, Tweet Beat is here to help.

Let’s start with the Election drama:

Joe Biden vs…George?

If you look closely you can see Dr. Jill saying “Trump” under her breath.

Tammy Bruce summed up why this clip is so frightening.

George himself weighs in!

Thanks George. I hope you win re-election!

Nuns for Trump

The Trump Deranged Democrats are not happy with three nuns that attended a Trump rally in Ohio. In fact, they are obsessed with turning the internet on these Sisters.

Because nothing says “restoring decency” like attacking nuns on Twitter.

Laughing it off…

Did you see Senator Kamala Harris on 60 Minutes? It was bad…even for her.

Senator Harris makes Joe Biden look like he’s prepared. Nervous laughter is not the best medicine for bad policies.

NY POST makes it official.

POTUS finally got the endorsement of his hometown paper. Now if only they could get their Twitter account unfrozen. Hey Jack Dorsey- I’m talking to you.

October Birthday Surprise

It is a very special day today…

HBD HRC! Blow out your candles and say hi to SCOTUS ACB!

Hunter Update

If you thought the press might have no choice but to cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal…think again. They are bending themselves into a pretzel trying to NOT cover this story. For example, Jeff Bezos’ newspaper, the Washington Post, is not even hiding their obvious attempt to get Biden over the finish line.

The media will ignore every single Biden story if it means getting Trump out of office. Is it pathetic? Yes. Is anyone surprised? Probably not.

Papers Please.

If you still think these rules/ “guidelines” are about your health and not about sheer control– then you really haven’t been paying attention.

That’s all for now. Be sure to tune in for the entire show at 3 PM.

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