Tweet Beat featuring Lil Wayne, Brett Favre and Bobby Orr – 10.29.20


These past few weeks have been wild.

Between laptops and polling and a pandemic– everyone is feeling the stress of this Election.

Which explains why the news cycle, especially in Twitter, is moving faster than ever before.

Let’s start with the sudden wave of celebrity endorsements for POTUS.

Yes, yesterday I reported on Jack Nicklaus and Jay Cutler.

But more celebrities have come out of the woodwork and to throw their support behind President Trump.

Lil’ Wayne’s Big Tweet

If Shattuck’s joke is going over your head, just google “50 Cent Chelsea Handler”.

PS– the Left is always railing against racism. Check out the comments under Lil Wayne’s original tweet. The amount of vile, racist attacks coming from the woke liberals– well, it won’t surprise you.

Favre votes for freedom

Certainly doesn’t hurt that Brett has plenty of fans in Wisconsin.

But the football star wasn’t the only athlete to come out and voice support for 45.

#4 Bobby Orr

One legend endorsing another legend. You love to see it.

Favorite Clap Back Moment

AOC isn’t the only strong woman on Twitter who claps back at her haters. She is the only person who seems to get slobbering press coverage for it though. Today’s winner of the Boom, Roasted moment goes to…Mollie Hemingway.

Ouch Frum. There is no coming back from that one.

Must-Watch Moment

God Bless this man who is not only voting for POTUS but has encouraged so many of his friends and family to vote RED too!

Fact-Check Fail

The fact-checkers have really lost their minds. Don’t believe me? Check out this craziness.

Closing the gap?

I don’t know what is going to happen Tuesday. But at least I know my vote is going for the candidate who has been, you know,…actually campaigning…

The Birthday Girl Beats Obama’s Record.

Nothing says happy birthday like WINNING. Keep it up Ivanka.

Hunter Update!

Don’t let this destroy your faith in the integrity of the F.B.– what’s that? Oh, your faith in the F.B.I was destroyed years ago? Ok. Never mind then!

Sure, a cybersecurity expert is one thing…but has Leslie Stahl verified it? That is all I care about.

Sister Act 2

Nobody tell Peter Vroom about this video or he will dox those nuns with glee.

Philly Firefighters for Trump

How long until Biden claims they endorsed him? It isn’t like Daniel Dale, CNN’s fact-checker, would call him out on it. He might as well just keep lying. Joe should just say that Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Orr endorsed him too. What the hell, right?

That is all for now. Tune in for the show today. It is going to be a great one.

— Grace

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