Tweet Beat – 10.7.20

Here are the tweets that caught my eye this morning.

Bill de Mask

That is the most cringeworthy video I’ve seen in a while– and it isn’t even noon.

Over the Hill

If you haven’t been following the Katie Hill drama–well, it is messy. Recently, the liberals in Hollywood decided to make a movie about the former Representative.

Katie was retweeting the exciting news that she would be portrayed by A-lister Elizabeth Moss.

Well– her former staffers were not as over-the-moon about the news.

They aren’t convinced that Ms. Hill deserves all the praise she is receiving. Check out the VERY insightful thread above.


Do not let this destroy your faith in the integrity of the folks at NBC. I’m sure this was an oversight. Next time NBC should do a nationwide search for some undecided voters.

Debate Dreams

Keep dreaming Ben!

That’s all for now everyone.

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