Tulsi Gabbard Fights Back Against Comrade Clinton’s Smear Attempts

From the vast right-wing conspiracy to the vast Russian conspiracy – Hillary Clinton has
journeyed a long way in her tinfoil hat over the last 20 years, and the road has been all
And now the failed kleptocrat is all in on the blame game, naming names, throwing everybody
under the bus, especially liberal females.
And the most delicious part is that the accused Russkie assets are firing back.
Take it away, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-HI.
“Great! Thank you, @Hillary Clinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of
corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long,
have finally come out from behind the curtain.”
I wish I’d written that last sentence. It is a perfect summation of Hillary’s 72 squalid years on
the planet.
She was on a podcast with an Obama stooge named David Plouffe when suddenly she began
ranting about the perfidious Russians, or Republicans, or somebody. She went full Joe
McCarthy. The only thing missing was her waving around a list with a bunch of names of
“known Communists” on it.
“They’re going to do third party again,” Hillary hissed. “I’m not making any predictions, but I
think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic party and are
grooming her to be their third-party candidate.”
Grooming her? You mean, like Bill Clinton… groomed Monica Lewinsky?
“She’s a favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of
supporting her so far. That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she
is also a Russian asset.”
Jill Stein a Russian asset? The Green Party presidential candidate in 2016 led the “recount”
effort after the election. Granted, the attempt was kinda half-hearted, except for the fund-
raising piece. But still, Stein spearheaded the left’s first attempt to derail Donald Trump, even
before the faithless electors, the emoluments clause, the Logan Act, the 25 th amendment, the
Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax….
Now, though, Jill Stein, the Betsy Ross, the Rosa Parks of the Resistance, is a “Russian asset.”
As Stein responded in her own, more measured tweet: “It’s a shame HRC is peddling conspiracy
theories to justify her failure instead of reflecting on real reason Democrats lost in 2016.”

To paraphrase the Bard, sometimes the fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves, that we are
Tulsi, though, was even more thoroughly slimed. She’s hanging in on the presidential field by a
fingernail, at 2 percent or less in most polls. Yet right before the CNN debate last week in Ohio,
the New York Times ran what Tulsi described as a “Greatest Hits” smear piece on her,
describing her as “a potentially useful vector for Russian efforts to sow division within the
Democratic party.”
In her response tweets, Tulsi went straight at Hillary:
“From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my
reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know – it was always you,
through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine afraid of the
threat I pose.”
Remember, Hillary is the one who signed off on selling Russian-connected parties 20 percent of
the US uranium supply, after which the Clinton Foundation got more than $100 million in
“donations” and Bill pocketed $500,000 cash for speeches to Moscow banks controlled by
Putin-allied oligarchs.
Why would the Russians have ever supported Donald Trump when they already knew that they
could, uh, do business with the Clintons? They say Vladimir Putin is a gangster, and he probably
is, so let me ask you: since when do gangsters want to replace crooked cops they’ve already
bribed, and therefore own?
Why take a chance with a potentially honest new cop on the beat?
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
That’s why the whole Russian conspiracy hoax never made any sense. The Clintons and Obamas
represented American decline, which is good for Russia. Trump means a stronger military,
energy independence, dead Russians in Syria, a robust US economy – everything Putin doesn’t
Don’t forget, in 2016 Hillary Clinton used multiple third parties to pay off Russians for the anti-
Trump fake news in the bogus “dossier.” That’s the only proven “collusion” there is. But now
she points the finger at everybody else for being in league with the Kremlin. Methinks she doth
protest too much.
In case there was any doubt whether Hillary was talking about Tulsi Gabbard, her flack Nick
Merrill confirmed it, saying of her tweet, “Divisive language filled with vitriol and conspiracy
theories? Can’t imagine a better proof than this.”

So, defending yourself against an unfounded slur is now “proof” of guilt?
In case that name Nick Merrill rings a bell, it’s because Ronan Farrow reported a few days ago
that when he was working on his expose of Harvey Weinstein, Nick Merrill e-mailed him about
Hillary’s “concern” over his impending expose of the Hollywood fiend who’d given her $26,000
over the years.
So now Hillary has done more to prop up Tulsi’s campaign than the Russians could have ever
dreamed of. What a gift… to Tulsi, from the embodiment of corruption, the personification of
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