Truth is in the numbers — Trump sees it even if Charlie Baker won’t

In the midst of the Panic of 2020, the commonwealth daily posts a number of very revealing charts, and I’ve never understood the almost total lack of interest in the statistics by the Boston media.

Well, actually, I do understand it — a lot of these official numbers don’t exactly promote the breathless 24/7 panic porn “we’re-all-gonna-die!” narrative.

So I often tweet out the daily update of this chart: “Deaths and Death Rate by Age Group.”

Last week, one of my tweets got picked up by Breitbart, and somebody noticed it there — President Donald J. Trump.

On Friday night, the White House sent me a scrawled message from POTUS: “Howie, this is amazing — great work always.”

Amazing — that’s all the president said to describe the charts. I agree — they’re amazing.

But I’m just the messenger here, Mr. President. These are the state’s own numbers. I wonder why the hacks never blow up these amazing charts and present them to the TV audiences during their daily Show-and-Tells at the State House.

Check out the numbers for yourself. And then ask yourself why you can’t take your mother out for a nice dinner this Mother’s Day.

Last Tuesday, the day before Tall Deval’s mask edict went into effect, I tweeted out the daily death chart with this message: “This is why you have to wear a mask tomorrow. Do you really think you’re in danger?”

Look at the Friday numbers. The average age of the dead remains 82. Among those over 80, the death rate per 100,000 is 1,009. For those in their 70s the rate is 224; for those in their 60s, 56.

And so on — it’s all right there on the charts. For people in their 30s, the death rate is 2 per 100,000. For people under 30, the death rate is zero. Zero.

Yet the lockdown continues. The state’s economy has been destroyed.

According to the chart, of the 4,702 dead in Massachusetts, 2,942 were more than 80 years old, and another 1,073 were between 70 and 79.

No one’s saying that all these deaths among the elderly aren’t a problem, even if a vast majority of the dead also had one or more underlying medical conditions as well.

However, the question Charlie Parker and his amen chorus don’t want to consider is whether it was really necessary to ruin the state’s economy and shred the Bill of Rights to do … whatever it is they want to do.

The problem is, these virtue signaling hacks don’t have a clue as to how much damage they’re inflicting, because nobody they know is affected. Their constituents are state workers, and most of them have been on paid vacation for almost two months now.

For people who have — or had — real jobs, this isn’t a paid vacation. It’s a catastrophe. Yet Tall Deval is starring in a modern version of the old Pete Seeger song — Waist Deep in the Big Muddy, and the Big Fool Says to Press On.

There’s another very interesting chart on the state’s Coronavirus Dashboard, and I’m going to have to start tweeting it out daily: “COVID-19 Deaths Reported in Long-Term Care Facilities.”

That means nursing homes. As of Friday, of the state’s 4,702 deaths, 2,837 have occurred in nursing homes.

Nursing homes are regulated by the state. So that chart means that more than 60% of the deaths have occurred in facilities that are regulated by … Charlie Baker, the high priest of the Coronavirus Cult, the pope of panic porn.

Do you begin to see why he’d much rather have everyone all worked up about the churches and the basketball courts and the hair salons being shut down? It takes everybody’s attention off his administration’s latest calamitous incompetence — the nursing homes.

I wonder how much money he and Karyn Polito have grabbed from nursing home operators over the past few years, beyond the $1,950 from the suspended hack boss of the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home.

Seems like a good story for somebody in the media … if they weren’t all so busy screaming, “The sky is falling….”

Back to the tweets: another one of mine Friday was a posting from the Secretary of State’s lobbyist website. Remember how Massachusetts was the very last state in the Union to allow golf courses to reopen?

Well, on April 25, the New England Chapter of the National Golf Course Owners Association hired ML Strategies LLC “to facilitate the reopening of golf courses.”

ML Strategies LLC is the lobbying arm of the law firm of Mintz Levin. Does that name ring a bell? When House Speaker Robert DeLeo was in a photo finish with the grand jury during the Probation Department scandal, he paid Mintz Levin $700,000 to make sure he wasn’t the fourth House speaker in a row indicted on corruption charges.

For that 700 large, Mintz Levin delivered — in the indictment, DeLeo was only named as an “unindicted co-conspirator.”

Anyway, 13 days after the golf courses hired a very well-connected lobbyist, the state finally lifted its ban. What a coincidence. And yet we’re still supposed to believe this whole panic is on the level.

Hundreds of ministers sent Tall Deval a letter late last week, asking to be allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights and hold religious services Sunday morning. Naturally he brushed them aside — how much money have those preachers kicked up to the boys?

One of the distressed pastors called my radio show Friday and asked what they should do.

I explained to him that the way things work around here, the men of God have two options.

No. 1, retain a lawyer and sue in federal court on Constitutional grounds, which is not a sure thing.

Or No. 2, hire a Beacon Hill lobbyist, which definitely is a sure thing when you’re dealing with these kleptocrats who are happily destroying the state.

“Either way,” I told him, “you’re going to have to render unto Caesar … .”

Did you ever dream the state could get this stupid, or corrupt? Amazing.

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