Trust the man, Joe Biden is going to beat Joe Biden

Live, from the basement, it’s Joe Biden, who ain’t black.

That, of course, was Dementia Joe’s takeaway gaffe of the week, telling a black radio show that, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Really stupid thing to say, but it’s not like Friday was different from any other day in the basement. I mean, Biden also made this promise on Friday morning, on CNBC:

“I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden!”

Sometimes Dementia Joe dimly realizes that his brain just isn’t firing on all cylinders, but he never even corrected himself on that one. He stands by his statement apparently.

Joe Biden is going to beat Joe Biden.

The “ain’t black” line was delivered to the popular host Charlamagne tha God. If you do the slightest bit of research, you will learn that as a youth, Charlamagne spent 41 days locked up in a South Carolina jail.

Joe Biden, of course, didn’t do the slightest bit of research. Or maybe he did and just … forgot.

“There’s only a couple of things everybody has in common in jail,” he said from the basement, as Charlamagne listened, stone-faced. “One is, they were — ” Joe coughed briefly — “victims of abuse of their kids were or or their or their or their mother was. Number two, they can’t read.”

Funny, I’ve never considered Charlamagne to be illiterate. Seems pretty bright, actually. Not to mention, you would think that perhaps, as the first white student to have attended Delaware State (which Joe has falsely claimed in the past), Biden would have perhaps read, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Author: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He couldn’t read either, Joe? How about Malcolm X? Eldridge Cleaver? Donald Goines? For that matter, Nelson Mandela. Didn’t you get arrested with him once, Joe? Can you read?

Let’s move on to the rest of this week’s Basement Tapes. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim, or, as Joe said this week, “For my lips to God’s ears.” (At least he corrected himself on that one.)

He mentioned the “Canadian” geese honking in his backyard. (Did he mean “Canada?”)

He accused the president of telling a “ball-faced lie.”

He demanded immediate repeal of the “Tump Trax Cut.”

He talked about long-overdue bonus payments for certain veterans of “Wool War II.”

He endorsed “the pay-tech protec- the protect paycheck protection program.”

He called for more education — “the idea that you can go through the 20th century without, with just 12 years of education, the 21st century. …”

You may recall that Dementia Joe played a key role in what he’s called “the O’Biden-Bama administration.”

Back then, O’Biden told a fawning Democrat stenographer this week, he was actually in charge of “getting out $84 billion in 18 months in the Recovery Act … exactly where the money went, who got the money, who was responsible for it and how it was being spent. So we kept an eye on it.”

He kept such an eye on it that he forgot that there was actually $800 billion appropriated, not $84 billion.

In yet another interview, he again accused the president of making spurious medical recommendations.

“It’s like saying maybe if you inject Clorox into your blood you know maybe it would cure you. Come on man! What is he doing? What in God’s name is he doing?”

Joe, can we have a citation on that one please — exactly when and where did POTUS instruct people to inject Clorox bleach into their bloodstreams?

“There’s no serious medical personnel out there saying to use that drug!”

Clorox bleach is now a drug?

“It’s counterproductive! It’s not gonna help!”

Can we quote you on that, Dementia Joe?

The president, Biden complained, is just not doing enough to get people out of their basements, present company excluded, I suppose he meant.

“There is a lot we can do that related to what has already been passed with small businesses that the president just uh, just hasn’t, hasn’t done look um you know uh um uh combination of uh failing to move quickly. …”

Don’t worry, though, America, the Biden administration will be ready on Day One, even if its leader is not quite certain what century he’s living in.

“We’re gonna create a new bio-based multi-facturing multi-manufacturing job uh uh environment to deal farmers in on the benefits of a changing economy.”

Then there’s the energy sector. This was on CNBC Friday:

“We have to make sure that we can have a a a system nationwide that can transfer, that can transmit coal and uh and and wind across the country.”

Um, didn’t Biden just recently vow to shut down the entire coal industry? But if he’s reversed position, I have a suggestion on what we can use to transfer, er transmit coal.

They’re called trains.

As for how to transmit wind across the country, I’ll leave those details to the vice president. After all, he’s been spewing hot air across the continent for a half-century now.

Live from the basement, it’s Joe Biden, and he ain’t black.

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