Trump ‘immigration reform’ ignores real problem

Okay, so President Trump’s “immigration reform plan” is nothing more than a campaign document, a talking point, to impress the likes of the Wall Street Journal (which gave him a big wet kiss of an editorial yesterday) and the Chambers of Commerce.

But as everyone knows, the problem isn’t so much who we are keeping out of the country – educated, English-speaking people with a work ethic – as opposed to the shiftless, lawless hordes we are allowing to swarm across the southern border in untold numbers.

The problem is, most of these undocumented Democrats are future recipients of one at least one welfare handout or another, and even worse, they include a sizable contingent of future MS-13 gangbangers, drive-by shooters, identity thieves and fentanyl dealers.

On Thursday, at the White House, reading from the TelePrompTer, the president halfheartedly raised the specter of these marvelously educated foreign college grads being forced to return home to the wretched kleptocracies from which they came.

But c’mon, how many MIT and CalTech grads really get the heave-ho?

When he announced for president in 2015, Donald Trump famously said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.”

Now it’s worse, much worse, because it’s not only Mexico flushing its criminal underclass into the US, it’s Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and every other Third World hellhole where they’ve been running TV ads telling their unwed mothers, winos and freelance criminals that all they need to do is tell the gringos that  they’re seeking “asylum” and then it’s off to the welfare free-stuff office.

As the old song goes, “Everything free in America.”

The US Sentencing Commission recently released its 2018 report on federal sentencing statistics: 42.7 percent of offenders were illegal aliens. Sixty-three percent of all non-citizens charged with drug trafficking last year were illegal aliens.

Look what happened at the Quincy District Court Friday. ICE was staking it out, looking to grab a Dominican heroin/cocaine dealer with a phony Puerto Rican identity. He didn’t show. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

On Thursday, in Texas, a “Dallas man,” as the Associated Press described him, was charged with the murders of 11 elderly American women between the ages of 76 and 94, as he stole their jewelry and other valuables.

In the third paragraph, the AP copped to the truth – the serial killer was “a Kenyan citizen who was living in the US illegally.”

Was this story reported anywhere in the mainstream media outside Texas? Nah, it doesn’t… fit the narrative.

Here’s another recent headline: “ICE arrests Salvadoran murder suspect, gang associate in South Dakota.”

Question: Since when is South Dakota a border state? Answer: Since Barack Obama was president, maybe even before then.

As George W. Bush used to say, they’re only doing the jobs Americans won’t do. Jobs that apparently include fentanyl and meth dealing, not to mention dismemberment of their underworld rivals and too many instances of domestic abuse and drunk driving to even recount?

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving?

In case you missed it, ICE has picked up 141 illegal alien drunk drivers in recent weeks, just in New England. Of course, the media wants to perpetuate the fantasy that these are all wonderful people who are coming here are “valedictorians,” as Jeb Bush said.

And whatever horrific crimes the illegals commit – “acts of love,” as Jeb Bush described them — they deserve to be treated much more leniently than American citizens.

So much for the 14th amendment that supposedly guarantees equal protection under the law.

Here’s a recent headline from the Worcester Telegram: “Three men arrested in Millbury in alleged scheme to defraud banks.”

“Three men” – that’s the dead-giveaway phrase, as any newspaper reader knows. The only remaining question is, in what paragraph will the paper mention the perps’ immigration status.

In this story, the answer was, the 17th: “The detective said the three suspects each had passports from Ghana. She said she was unsure of their citizenship status.”

I’m not unsure at all. Are you?

Next, a few recent press releases from the feds in New England. First, from the eastern district of Massachusetts:

“Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft/Defendant stole identity of US Army Specialist… Dominican National Sentenced for Social Security Fraud… Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Social Security Fraud and Identity Theft…Brazilian National Sentenced for ATM Skimming.”

Here are a few from Connecticut, where the US attorney is John Durham, who we’re all counting on to bring the failed Democrat coup plotters against President Trump before the bar of justice. But Durham has a day job too:

“Third Nigerian National Admits Role in Business E-Mail Compromise Scheme Targeting CFO’s and Controllers… Mexican National Convicted of Illegal Reentry for a Third Time… Citizen of Peru Charged with Illegally Reentering US.”

That Peruvian illegal was a drug dealer and warrant defaulter – again, stop me if you’ve heard this before.

Let’s not slight Rhode Island: “15 Individuals Convicted, Sentenced in Heroin and Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy.”

Unfortunately, the RI USA buried the lede about the drug outfit headed by one Juan Valdez: “Eleven of the ‘Operation Triple Play’ defendants, many of whom had been living in the US with stolen identities, including the three brothers who led the drug trafficking organizations, have or will face deportation proceedings… Juan Valdez was previously deported from the United States on four occasions.”

Look, I understand, every resort, restaurant and hotel owner in New England needs H2B visa workers to get through the resort season. That’s a problem, granted. But the bigger disaster is this: illegal alien criminals are destroying the United States of America, and one of the nation’s major political problems think it’s in their interest to continue the “fundamental transformation” of America… into a Third World hellhole.

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