Trump has new material for the Jumbotron! – Tweet Beat – 10.28.20

There is officially less than a week until Election Day.

Despite the best efforts from the Big Tech Tyrants– one story reigned supreme last night on Twitter.

And no, shockingly it wasn’t about Biden’s milkshake flavors.


Never thought I’d say these words but…thank you Adam Schiff!

Going out on a limb here…but I don’t think any of the reporters tuned in to Tucker last night.

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again: the mainstream media is working OVERTIME for Joe Biden. They’ve never worked harder in their lives to not report stuff.

This is CNN.

Peaceful Protests

Lipton gets ratioed 

Do yourself a favor–read the replies to Lipton’s hot take. You will laugh out loud.

Ministry of Truth keeps lying…

For the party that has claimed President Trump is “Orwellian” over the last four years– you’d think the Left would be more upset about the censorship taking place. Alas…it is not to be.


I’d probably enjoy this more if it weren’t so accurate…

That is all for now. Check back in tomorrow for more Tweet Beat.

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