Trump can make Geoff Diehl — and tweak Charlie Baker — with endorsement tweet

A Trump tweet would be a two-fer, a win-win. Kill two birds with one stone.

Baker and his payroll patriots are sweating out the hours until the polls open Tuesday. They’re praying for no Trump tweet for Diehl, because approximately 90 percent of the irredeemable bitter clingers who’d respond to an endorsement by POTUS would never dream of casting a ballot for the back-stabbing RINO.

Trump’s record in GOP primary endorsements this year is a glittering 35-2, and this one would be a no-brainer. In 2016, Diehl was with him from day one, while his opponent, John Kingston, despised Trump enough to raise big bucks for that clown Evan McMuffin, er McMullin.

McMuffin was in it to win it – for Hillary Clinton. He was a flat-out straw in the race, programmed to deny Trump Utah’s four electoral votes in case of a tie in the Electoral College. Kingston was one of McMuffin’s money bags. Kingston was trying to elect the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history, a woman on the record as being for “open borders.”

Yet now Kingston runs ads on TV and on this newspaper’s web site saying “End Sanctuary Cities.”

Did I mention, Kingston also gave $25,000 to something called Save America PAC, which was set up to stop Trump from becoming president? Then the PAC morphed into an anti-Neil Gorsuch lobbying group.

Mr. President, do I have to draw you a diagram? Diehl vs. Kingston is an ever-Trumper vs. a never-Trumper.

And the bonus is, with that single tweet you also get to dope-slap the big dope who has been stabbing you in the back since before the election – Tall Deval.

Remember on Election Day when Baker so unctuously announced that he couldn’t bring himself to vote for anyone? And then he flew down to Washington with a big entourage to attend your Inauguration. If they ever name a street after Tall Deval, it’ll have to be one-way.

Of course, Mr. President, you can’t endorse his opponent, Dr. Scott Lively. Too controversial. Plus, you’re not supposed to put the blast on an incumbent of your own party, unless of course you’re virtue-signaling Tall Deval.

You keep reading that Charlie is the most popular governor in America, but are the pollsters really talking to anybody who’s going to take a Republican ballot Tuesday?

Tall Deval is hoping the feds don’t arrest any more of his sticky-fingered state troopers before Tuesday – he needs all of his crooked cops to be holding signs for him at the polls, before they broom his son’s alleged groping beef at Logan. All the DCR golf carts will be deployed, and this time not to make beer deliveries on the Esplanade. His lieutenant governor Karyn Polito has vowed not to take any more selfies with perjurious drug dealers in strapless evening gowns until after the polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles is under strict orders not to issue any more drivers’ licenses to illegal alien Dominican heroin dealers from Lawrence – until Wednesday!

Friday night I finally met a Republican who’s voting for Tall Deval. His name is Dan Shores, and he’s Tall Deval’s candidate for attorney general, which explains why he couldn’t get the GOP convention endorsement in the spring. He had that Baker aroma about him, it’s not exactly BO, it’s RINO.

Here’s what Shores said about Trump when he got into the AG’s fight last year: “I did not overtly support the president, but I respected the process.”

We get it. Never Trump.

He came on my radio show and tried to burnish his GOP credentials by saying he’d talked to Cape Cod Republicans like ex-Congressional candidate Mark Alliegro and Barnstable County Commissioner Ron Beaty.

Both of them immediately called in to say that they actually support Shores’ opponent, Jay McMahon, who is what you might call an “overt” Trump supporter. Shores called back, saying he wanted to “defend” himself.

“I just said I talked to Ron Beaty,” he whined. “Ron Beaty is a convicted felon!”

Yes, he is. Everybody knows that. So why did you even bring up his name? Why did you talk to Beaty at all if you have such low regard for him? And by the way, are you Tall Deval’s boy?

“I am so tired of hearing that,” Shores said, sounding agitated. “My opponent – check out all the photos of him with Baker. You try to find one picture of me with Charlie Baker!”

Methinks he doth protest too much. But do you see what I mean, Mr. President? One tweet, for Geoff Diehl, and it’ll be 48 fun-filled hours in Massachusetts politics.

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