Trooper laughing all the way to the bank

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Who says cheaters never prosper? In Massachusetts they damn well do prosper, and Daren DeJong is Exhibit A.

Meet the DeJongs, father and son, both former State Police troopers.

If at this late date you still don’t understand just how profoundly corrupt Massachusetts is, consider the tale of the two DeJongs.

Daren, age 60, is a convicted felon, so crooked he needs a corkscrew to get into his trousers in the morning.

While on the now-defunct Troop E, he embezzled more than $63,000 in federal funds for Turnpike overtime he didn’t work.

He pleaded guilty in 2019, yet he remains unsentenced to this very day. Despite his sordid criminal career, DeJong hasn’t served a single day in prison for his highway robbery.

Even more outrageous, he continues to collect his state-tax-free hack pension of $6,374 a month – which is $76,492 a year.

Next, consider his son, Nathan, age 30, with a spotless record on the job.

A week ago Friday, on April 8, Nathan S. DeJong ID #4108 received a “dishonorable discharge” from the State Police:

“On or about Jan. 19, 2022, in the city of Framingham, (he) did fail to conform to work standards established for the member’s rank, title or position. This occurred when Trooper DeJong failed to receive COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of continuing employment.”

In other words, he was terminated for refusing to submit to Gov. Charlie Baker’s insane obsession with getting a vaccine. He is out of work and unlikely to ever get another job in law enforcement, at least in the commonwealth.

That’s what the “dishonorable” discharge was about – shooting the wounded. That’ll teach those damn Deplorables!

Yet his crooked father is still a free man, stuffing his pockets full of state cash every month.

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Who says cheaters never prosper? In Massachusetts they damn well do prosper, and Daren DeJong is Exhibit A.

Here’s how the hacks work the pension scam for convicted felons: until the perp, in this case Daddy DeJong, is sentenced, the State Retirement Board doesn’t even schedule a hearing to discuss terminating the sticky-fingered cop’s kiss in the mail.

On the exceedingly rare occasions a hack does lose his pension, he can drag out the appeal month after direct-deposit month, even longer if he can get an ex-wife to file an appeal to keep her own share of the felonious spouse’s ill-gotten gains.

You know what they call this grift in the hackerama? Professional courtesy. Because, you know, it could happen to anybody, getting their hands (and feet) caught in the cookie jar.

This week when I obtained the list of the 12 troopers fired for their refusal to join the Church of COVID, the name “DeJong” looked familiar.

Then I recalled that I’d written a column asking why his father hadn’t yet been sentenced. That was in February 2020 – 26 direct deposits ago. When I wrote it, the old man was grabbing $6,284 a month, $90 less than he’s pocketing now.

I assumed that surely Daren DeJong must have done at least a few months by now. Way back in 2019, when he pleaded guilty, the feds were demanding a six-month sentence, a wrist slap to be sure, but still more than most of the crooked millionaire troopers were getting, which was nothing.

So I went to the Bureau of Prisons website, but DeJong’s name didn’t show up. That means he’s never been incarcerated. I called his lawyer, who confirmed that his client was still awaiting sentencing.

You know the old saying: justice delayed is justice denied. So I asked DeJong’s lawyer if a sentencing date had even been set.

“Nope,” he said.

I checked the docket in federal court. The last entry for DeJong was dated July 15 of last year – apparently a routine response by the prosecutors to something or other. Since then, nada, unless you want to count those nine more direct deposits to felon DeJong’s bank account of $6,374 the first of every month.

DeJong should be crying all the way to the Big House. Instead he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

And his son, who did nothing wrong, is fired by Charlie Baker. For the crime of not bending a knee to the Deep State.

Daddy DeJong has made more money in his life of crime than most gangsters, who admittedly didn’t have the added edge of carrying a badge. According to the state comptroller, Daddy pocketed $200,416 in 2016 with all his overtime and phony-baloney details out there on I-90.

The kid never earned more than $97,000 or so before he was fired. So much for honesty being the best policy.

Daddy initially admitted to embezzling $14,000. But suddenly, after the statute of limitations expired, the very ethical MSP decided to cough up a lot more damning records, and it became clear that DeJong had robbed the taxpayers of $63,000.

Here’s how the miracle discovery was reported in court:

“The MSP reported to the government it had ‘discovered’ a ‘number of boxes’ with these materials. What has not been reported is how these materials were discovered, who discovered them, why they were not previously located, or what state these materials were in when they were discovered.”

The answer to all the above questions is… Massachusetts.

In January 2020 DeJong’s sentencing was postponed by Judge Mark Wolf because he wanted further investigation of the racketeering enterprise d/b/a the MSP. DeJong is fine with that, as long as the kiss in the mail keeps on coming.

I just hope he’s whacking up the pot with his son Nathan. It’s the least he can do, because he obviously didn’t raise the kid right. If only Nathan had stuck to stealing, like the old man, instead of sticking to his principles, he’d probably already be on the fast track to detective or sergeant.

Instead he’s fired. For the crime of not wanting to take a worthless vaccine that might in fact make him sick.

I told you this was a very Massachusetts story.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

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