Time to give Roger Stone a break

It’s time to pardon Roger Stone.

Please, Mr. President, put an end to this Deep State miscarriage of justice — a 67-year-old political operative railroaded over “lying” to Congress, with a recommendation by angry Democrat hacks of seven to nine years in prison for… what exactly?

He lied to Congress? Not nearly as much as John Brennan and James Clapper, Democrats who were rewarded for their perjury with cable TV contracts.

Stone didn’t destroy 33,000 emails under Congressional subpoena, like Hillary Clinton. He didn’t tell a Congressional committee more than 240 times under oath that he couldn’t remember, as James Comey did.

Remember this guy Roger Stone? He’s a bit on the wacky side — he has a giant tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. He’s known POTUS for decades. I don’t want to get into the weeds about what he was supposedly doing, but to sum it up, he was convicted of obstructing an investigation into a crime that never occurred, an attempted frame-up concocted by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to destroy Donald Trump.

I’m talking about the Russian collusion hoax. Roger Stone is collateral damage.

It was a failed coup, but the insidious, bitter Democrat connivers still want Stone in prison. Once he’s in durance vile, they can point and say, look, there was something here, no really, Putin Putin Putin Russia Russia Russia.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

Let’s go over some facts, starting with Stone’s federal trial in Washington last fall.

The judge was a rabid Obama Democrat named Amy Berman Jackson. The prosecutors included Aaron Zelinsky, a former Huffington Post columnist and assistant U.S. attorney recommended by Rod Rosenstein, who offered to wear a wire against President Trump.

Another prosecutor: AUSA Jonathan Kravis, who served as an associate White House counsel under Obama, and who also clerked for leftist federal jurists Stephen Breyer and Merrick Garland.

Then there was Adam Jed, another of Mueller’s angry Democrats, and before that an Obama DOJ factotum who argued that the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.

All the fashionable Ivy League leftists like Zelinsky, Kravis and Jed are all into “sentencing reform,” and not imprisoning anyone – except, apparently, Republicans.

When they all quit after their outrageous sentencing recommendations were discovered, the left-wing site Politico ran this headline: “Trump attack on his own DOJ prosecutors.”

His own DOJ prosecutors? Now that is some very fake news. They were trying to put Trump in prison, and Stone is a consolation prize.

Their overseer on the case was another angry Democrat on the Mueller team named Jeannie Rhee, who represented Hillary Clinton in the espionage case, and who maxed out to Crooked Hillary in 2008 and 2016, and to Obama in 2008.

Next, Stone’s District of Columbia jury. It included no Republicans, military veterans, Roman Catholics, black men or anyone who didn’t go to college.

The jury did, however, include the foreman, a former Democrat candidate for Congress who in her tweets refers to Trump as #KlanPresident. Also: two lawyers from Democrat administrations, three with ties to the FBI, three with connections to the Justice Department, two with CIA affiliations and one Obama-era “communications director” of a federal agency.

Is that a jury of Roger Stone’s peers? He’s a Roman Catholic born in Connecticut.

Stone had been arrested in January 2019 in a pre-dawn raid at his home in Fort Lauderdale. A CNN camera crew set up in front of his house 11 minutes before the FBI arrived. (The crooked FBI has stonewalled a Judicial Watch request for all FBI-CNN emails in the days leading up to the raid.)

Stone’s lawyers learned of the arrest in a phone call from CNN. The “reporter” from CNN was one Josh Campbell, who used to be the special assistant to James Comey, the disgraced head of the FBI who is accused of lying by his deputy, Andrew McCabe.

McCabe, whose wife received $700,000 from Clinton bundlers when she ran for office in Virginia, is now also on the CNN payroll despite being the subject of a criminal referral from the DOJ inspector general for his “lack of candor” under oath.

But see, all of the above are Democrats, and most are Ivy Leaguers, and so the laws don’t apply to them, only to Republicans and Roman Catholics.

When these crooked feds applied for search warrants for Stone’s emails, text messages and phone records, they claimed they had evidence of foreign money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud and assorted cyber-crimes.

Stone’s wife is 71 years old and deaf. He’s bankrupt, he’s lost his home, he can no longer make a living. He deserves it, though. He’s a Republican and he knows Donald Trump.

Time for a pardon for Roger Stone, Mr. President. And Gen. Michael Flynn makes two.

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