Time to get off the couch and earn a paycheck

It’s time for all you freeloaders to get back to work.

The scam is over.

It’s time for all you freeloaders to get back to work.

I’m pleading with you, no more crackpot grifts to keep your yearlong-plus vacations going — and $174,000-a-year state judges, I’m most assuredly including you in the list of layabouts.

Please, no more handouts. Right now in Maskachusetts the gainfully unemployed are grabbing an extra $300 a week for snoozing on their mom’s couch. And now these same COVID grifters may be offered $1,200 to get off their fat rear-ends and start looking for work.

Good luck with that, especially now that weed has been legalized.

And spare us the charade of this phony-baloney you-have-to-apply-for-three-jobs-every-week nonsense either. That’s a bigger scam than the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The goal with this whole Panic was to get rid of President Donald J. Trump. Mission accomplished, OK? Move on, everybody.

It’s time to go back to work — whether it’s punching a time clock, or making cold calls, or (if I can get personal) answering the Herald’s FOIA requests for information about crooked cops and civil sexual-harassment lawsuits against local politicians.

No more sob stories about how people are “afraid” to go back to work. No kidding they’re frightened, but it’s not the virus they’re afraid of, it’s the job itself.

Oh, you say you have in fact still been working. You’re “telecommuting?” Yeah, right.

Last week, a Rasmussen poll showed that 44% of respondents said the increased unemployment benefits “are making it too easy for unemployed Americans not to work.”

This no-work scam has produced endless spinoff grifts. Think about the Payroll Protection Program — bailouts for businesses that didn’t exist. The PPP was like blowing a dog whistle for every convicted fraudster and paroled embezzler in the country, and apparently every last one of them heard it.

How about the eviction “moratorium?” As if the non-working classes grabbing an extra $600 or $300 a week in welfare, er, unemployment, were suddenly destitute.

By the way, did the landlords get a moratorium on paying their property taxes? Or utilities?

Then there was the proposed “forgiveness” of student-loan debt because of the … emergency. Thankfully, that proposal turned out to be a bridge too far even for Dementia Joe Biden.

But now the new Leisure Class is complaining about that too — and never mind that the government hasn’t been requiring student-loan repayments since the Fauci flim-flam started, and won’t again until at least the fall.

Monday I saw a giant sign hanging outside the Needham Post Office — “We Are Hiring.” And it’s not even Christmas. When the Post Office can’t find anybody for government work, you know you’ve got a problem.

The two coffee shops I used to walk to from my house were both killed off last year by Gov. Charlie Parker’s idiotic lockdowns. So I went to a different place the other morning. The line was out the door — the only person behind the counter was the manager. She apologized that she couldn’t get any of her help to come in for the morning rush.

On the Cape, the bigger restaurants and resorts are openly poaching workers from the smaller places, even more so than usual.

When Obamacare was passed more than a decade ago, Nancy Pelosi said it would free her shiftless constituents from “job lock.” Everybody laughed, but now, it’s apparently a human right, not to have to worry about “job lock.”

This is the War on Poverty on steroids. The lesson of that disaster was that you get more of whatever you subsidize, and the U.S. subsidized all kinds of social dysfunction, including family dissolution and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. Guess what we got more of.

Then there was “job training.” That scam was, as long as you were being trained, you didn’t have to get off welfare. Mike Dukakis used to brag about Massachusetts’ job training programs — a national model, he said.

Then a Democrat state senator got the list of trainees — as I recall about 5,000 teen moms and illegal aliens had been “trained” for approximately 50,000 jobs, maybe 100 of which they’d actually taken.

I see much more job training in the near future.

Have you tried to get in any government buildings lately – like, in the last 15 months? The problem is, if they actually truly reopened the buildings again, all the hacks would be expected to come back to work, not just a “skeleton crew.”

And that ain’t happening.

Thank God for Charlie Parker, though. There’s a reason why he’s the Pope of Panic Porn. He defends his indolent public sector workforce – the ones who’ve been on vacation since March 2020.

Monday, he filed legislation “providing for a temporary suspension of certain open-meeting law requirements.”

In other words, all Charlie Parker’s buildings can remain closed!

The scam is over. Long live the scam.

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