Time for some ‘Tales from the Naked City’

The Herald used to run a gossip column called Inside Track that included a popular occasional feature called Tales from the Naked City, which were “blind items” — juicy stuff without names.

The Herald used to run a gossip column called Inside Track that included a popular occasional feature called Tales from the Naked City, which were “blind items” — juicy stuff without names.

It’s time to bring back Tales from the Naked City, because the hacks around here have gotten into the bad habit of refusing to release any information about anything that embarrasses them.

Oh sure, the payroll patriots can always cite their reasons for stonewalling — the judge hasn’t picked up the already-filed civil complaint, the investigation continues, it’s a personnel matter, it involves medical records, we can’t release any police reports involving “domestic” incidents blah-blah-blah.

This is what happens when you tell hacks they don’t have to show up for work for 15 months.

Let’s start with a report from a local police department involving a transgender perp. Officially it can’t be released because it involves, you guessed it, a domestic dispute. The accused — X — was born female but now identifies as male.

So under the new woke police guidelines, even after being arrested X has a choice about a) who searches X, and b) who X gets to be incarcerated with.

This, directly from the report, with only the name changed: “(X) was asked who X wanted to be searched by and stated X wanted female officers to conduct the search. X was searched by two female officers … Prior to being brought to (lockup where X was booked) X stated X would like to be placed with male prisoners.

“After the booking process was complete X opted to be transported to (different police station) to be placed with other female prisoners.”

So in this city, arrested transgender people now have the option to choose which jail they wish to be locked up in. And they have the right to change their minds.

Incidentally, the Boston Police Department recently put out an official new “Transgender Policy,” known as Rule 113B.

It’s too lengthy to quote at length, but here’s something from Section 6, Stop and Frisk.

“A search and frisk shall not be performed for the sole purpose of determining an individual’s anatomical gender.”

Next, a dodge based on the old “the-investigation-continues” scam, a particular favorite of the State Police as a lame excuse to drag their feet on any inquiries from the press.

Earlier this month, a trooper out of the gang unit in Milton, Matthew Kelley, suffered a “medical emergency.”

We inquired about it the next day and received a brief confirmation of the medical emergency, with a final sentence, “I have nothing further to add.”

Well, excuuuuuuuse us!

So we filed a FOIA request for any and all reports about the medical emergency.

This was the Staties’ response:

“The incident is the subject of an ongoing investigation and the Department’s report is not yet complete. Accordingly, the report(s) you seek are not subject to public disclosure.”

The MSP did send us a bunch of emails, mostly ones that we had sent them — they got some real cards out there in Framingham. As for the emails we wanted, the cops claimed they couldn’t release four of them because of “attorney-client privilege” or medical records.

Then there’s another local police department that’s being investigated by multiple agencies because of cell-phone text messages among the uniforms.

This under-reported scandal began when one officer’s gal pal accused him of domestic abuse. According to a prosecutor’s motion filed in district court, the cop then sent her this text message:

“Like I said if you do get a restraining order on me you will ruin my career and I will kill you and myself the blood will be left on you. Do as you please.”

Did I mention this law-enforcement professional is (or was) on the MSP’s list of eligible candidates? My only surprise is that he’s not in the current class at the academy in New Braintree.

His name doesn’t appear on his home city’s arrest log because it’s, you guessed it, a domestic case. Charges were eventually dropped but now the district attorney has been trying to get his police department cell phone to check out the cops’ back-and-forth chatter.

One cop in that department suddenly “resigned” last week. Excrement happens.

The Naked City never sleeps.

Another cop reportedly got fired recently when he answered a domestic call, took a shine to the female victim and decided to demonstrate his affection by sexting her a photo of his … private parts.

We’ve got a FOIA in on that one too.

In a different department, the new chief decided to do a random audit of the body cams.

Sadly, an officer answering a domestic call forgot that when you activate the body cam, it goes back 30 seconds to start recording, at which time the cop had been sexting with his sweetie while … well, let’s just be grateful he had pulled over before he pulled it out.

Then there’s the local politician whose company is being sued for sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

If only the judge would sign off on releasing the dirt on this very woke Democrat, we could tell you about how the male employees of her company are accused by a female underling of “multiple instances of inappropriate touching and sexual innuendos.”

According to the complaint, one such office incident involved the office ordering out for lunch, from a sub shop. That prompted one of the top execs of the elected Democrat to ask the woman if she liked “foot-longs.”

Talk about the Naked City … It’s back!

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