This week’s biggest loser in the Biden White House

The competition is always spirited, given who’s who in the disastrous Biden administration.

But every week someone in the worst presidency in American history must win the booby prize for making the most ridiculous statement imaginable.

C’mon down, Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation.

The jostling for Dumbest Comment of the week has been particularly stiff of late, for some reason, perhaps because of Biden’s plummeting poll numbers or just the general state of catastrophe across the board.

As always, Dementia Joe himself was a one-man laff riot.

In the past few days, he’s demanded that his teleprompter be turned back after he got confused reading his simple lines. And of course, he was repeating his usual debunked lies about taxes, deficits and 17,000-mile trips across the Tibetan plateau.

Biden made the semi-finals this week with his gibberish at a White House health-care conference. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“The seasons are walergishnowponush.”

But the vice president topped him, when she announced a “history lesson” — Kamala authoritatively declared that until 2022, there had been no “brackets” in the NCAA women’s college-basketball tournament.

Interesting. Then how exactly were the teams, you know, seeded? About 10 seconds later, photos appeared on-line of her in 2021 filling out her… brackets.

Another perennial contender in the DEI bracket is Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary.

Among other recent missteps, KJP defended a Jill Biden aide accused of sexual harassment. She claimed he was a close colleague and she’d known him for 10 years. Familiarly, she referred to the alleged creep as “Bernard.”

His name is Anthony Bernal.

Then KJP announced that Brandon would be headed to Baltimore to visit the site of the fallen “Francis Scott King bridge.”

Close, but no cigar, KJP.

On a more ominous note, Antony Blinken, the secretary of state (or “foreign minister,” as Biden has called him), babbled that he wants to “create a bridge” to get Ukraine into NATO this summer.

Does that seem like a wise course of action, considering that Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchy is currently losing a brutal war with the world’s second-largest nuclear power?

Perhaps Blinken meant to say he wanted to “create a bridge” to World War III?

Blinken, a beta male’s beta male, also compared the democratic state of Israel to the genocidal Nazi Muslim terror cell known as Hamas.

In most weeks, any of the above breathtakingly moronic gaffes might have been enough to win. But Buttigieg, who’s been putting the trans back into transportation, takes the prize this week.

On Fox, he sneered at the vast majority of Americans who are skeptical, to put it mildly, of relying on electric vehicles for their basic transportation.

“I feel like it’s the early 2000s,” he said, “and I’m talking to some people who think we can just have land-line phones forever.”

Let’s start with the fact that he went to Harvard. Nobody who didn’t go to Harvard could possibly say something that ridiculous.

Let us mention just a few of the differences between landlines-vs.-cellphones and regular cars-vs.-EV’s.

Did government ever have to subsidize the production of cell phones, not to mention provide tax incentives to consumers to buy them?

Consumers lined up to buy cellphones. EV’s, not so much.

Did the feds ever have to mandate production of fewer landlines to force people to buy cellphones they had no interest in?

Did you ever get stranded on 128 or in downtown Hartford on I-95 after midnight because you couldn’t get a charge for your cellphone?

Did you ever pull into a charging station for cellphones and realize that none of them were in working order, because they’d been vandalized or were just plain not functioning?

Speaking of which, how many gas stations did the federal government pay to build because the private sector couldn’t make a profit selling gasoline?

Has the government ever issued a warning not to store cell phones in your garage, lest they catch fire and burn down your house?

Are cellphone companies kept afloat only by endless government subsidies?

Do cellphone companies lose tens of thousands of dollars on every cellphone they manufacture?

Did the CEO of a retail chain that stocked cellphones ever get fired because his customers wanted to keep buying landlines? (The president of Hertz just got let go because he went in on those wonderful EV’s that no one would rent unless all the real cars were gone.)

How many older parking garages have collapsed because there were too many cellphones stored in them? (It’s happened in New York City, and probably elsewhere.)

It’s much more convenient to be tethered to a line that must be forever plugged into a wall to recharge than to have total mobility, said no one ever.

When was the last time fire departments responded to a cell-phone fire wearing hazmat suits?

Other than these few quibbles, it was a perfect analogy that Buttigieg made.

Did I mention that he went to Harvard? Oh, and he’s gay. Thus, the Democrat operatives with press passes slobber over whatever he says. They repeat without question that he can speak seven — or is it 17? — languages.

Bottom line: In a true free market, absent the heavy hand of climate cultists, EV’s would be the land lines of the 21st century.

If you wanted to buy them, you could go ahead and do it, stupid. Just leave the rest of us alone with your superstitious green dogma.

Last weekend in a Boston suburb, a 43-year-old man died after crashing a KIA EV6 into a tree. It took the fire department 40 minutes to put out the fire — in a compact car!

No mention was made in state-run media of whether the driver’s death was related to the type of fire-prone vehicle he was driving. It would have gone against the official party-line narrative.

Anyway, congratulations to Pete Buttigieg, most preposterous member of the Biden administration – this week.

Better luck next time, everybody!

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