‘This is Your FBI,’ thanks to DEI

Here’s the bottom line on what today’s FBI has degenerated into.

Here in Boston, we know just how corrupt the FBI can be.

For instance, framing innocent men for murders they did not commit, or providing explosives for gangsters to use to kill reporters.

Or taking payoffs to set up informants to be rubbed out by serial-killing cocaine dealers, and then after committing such crimes being promoted to director of the FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia….

I could go on and on about the Boston FBI office. But you get the picture.

Still, as bad and as overrated as the G-men have always been, they’re worse now.

And the feds’ latest descent into abject incompetence and corruption can be summed up in three letters — DEI.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

DEI — the same three letters that have destroyed Harvard University and all academia, the airline industry, medicine and just about every other damn institution that once made America a First World nation.

That’s the verdict of a new report by House Republicans, based on testimony from current and retired agents, many of them supervisors.

“The FBI,” the Judiciary committee reports, “has lost its way in a toxic culture of dysfunction unable to find the courage to remedy recruitment and selection processes that have become self-destructive.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Claudine Gay could not be reached for comment.

“The FBI does not appear to be getting experienced, ‘mature’ candidates, such as the former cop, former military person, the professional career person, the lawyer, accountant or engineer.”

Sound familiar? The U.S. Army has the same problem. The brass can’t seem to recruit anybody who can do a push-up. Who in their right mind wants to risk their life by joining an organization run by entitled, shiftless incompetents who despise them?

“The FBI is now a joke among other law enforcement agencies because of its apparent investigative failures, political targeting of certain individuals/groups, and woke adoption… The FBI is considering hiring candidates not accepted by other law enforcement agencies.”

The G-men have Diversity Recruitment Events — “straight white males may not attend.”

In other words, there’s no room for a modern-day Inspector Lew Erskine. But Dylan Mulvaney or Jussie Smollett — come on down!

The FBI denies that they’re having problems recruiting qualified people. But then, the G-men lie about almost everything, as you may have noticed. It’s part of their “sources and methods.”

Here’s a story about the collapse of physical-fitness standards, from an FBI informant identified as SIERRA 72:

“SIERRA 72 disqualified another applicant because she was more than 50 pounds overweight using the FBI’s body fat index and could not pass the PFT (Physical Fitness Test). This particular candidate was an African American female who told SIERRA 72 that she ‘hates working out and was never active.’”

Is it possible Monica Cannon-Grant is trying to become an agent as she awaits her federal trial on welfare-fraud charges? She seems to check so many of the boxes for the new FBI.

Another informant, SIERRA 32, visited the FBI training academy, which used to be run by John “Vino” Morris. Vino was the drunkard Boston agent who fingered informants for Whitey Bulger to machine-gun on Northern Avenue in return for $6,000 in cash and cases of wine.

In retrospect, as corrupt as he was, Vino Morris ran a tight ship at Quantico.

“SIERRA 32 spoke with a NAT (New Agent Trainee) who stuttered and appeared to have Tourette Syndrome or other tic disorder that hindered the NAT’s ability to communicate. SIERRA 32 wondered how this NAT would function in a high-threat, hostile environment.”

Actually, according to new FBI standards, or lack thereof, many of the newcomers might have fit in well with Boston FBI Hall of Famers like Mob hitmen H. Paul Rico and Zip Connolly, not to mention Agent Orange, Jackie Callahan and Peter Strzok.

SIERRA 87 described how the traditional Boston FBI standards have now gone nationwide:

“Failure to adhere to financial responsibilities is no longer a disqualifier. A candidate who was arrested and fought with police officers was not disqualified. People with a documented mental illness are not necessarily disqualified. Lack of candor is no longer a disqualifier.”

Once upon a time, a G-man at least had to be able to read and write. Now, not so much, because… DEI. The Congressional report is full of anecdotes about new agents who are basically illiterate.

Here’s SIERRA 79 on a “minority female FBI Special Agent” who’d come out of the military:

“The agent’s writing skills were so poor the agent was sent to a local college to take remedial English classes. SIERRA 79 said the agent never made a case or wrote an affidavit… the agent never testified because she could not be trusted in court….”

Everyone in the office, of all backgrounds, noticed this DEI FBI agent’s “glaring, below average performance. Their general reaction ranged from embarrassment, head shakes (and) stunned silence to begrudging acknowledgement that they and the FBI were stuck with the agent.”

Next, the type of backgrounds that are now favored for FBI applicants:

“SIERRA 72 reported that he/she disqualified a candidate because the candidate’s only work experience was working two years as a coffee shop barista and having a bachelor’s degree in art history…. FBIHQ ordered SIERRA 72 to continue this applicant to the next stage in the Agent process.”

Another new agent had cuts on his hands that required bandages. He had been punching the walls of the training gym at Quantico. A supervisor asked the G-man-in-training why his behavior was so out of control.

“The NAT replied, ‘Because I am filled with self-hate and rage.’”

Another Quantico recruit was seen weeping openly, and finally disclosed that “he/she was suffering from clinical depression and was under the care of a medical professional… SIERRA 48 was astounded that the NAT would be allowed to engage in new agent training, especially with access to firearms.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s the bottom line on what today’s FBI has degenerated into:

“SIERRA 23 said most of the Agents disappear during the day, go home early or never want to work late for after-hours operations. SIERRA 23 does not trust of the Agents with his/her life since they have questionable competence, tactical abilities and work ethic…. SIERRA 35 said many are entitled and need to be spoon-fed and have their hands held.”

There used to be a famous radio show, “This is Your FBI!”

Call this, “This is Your FBI — on DEI!”

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