There’s always a Massachusetts connection — the Steele dossier edition

Whenever a major political scandal blows up in the U.S., you seldom have to look far before you find some hack from Massachusetts.

Whenever a major political scandal blows up in the U.S., you seldom have to look far before you find some hack from Massachusetts.

This time it’s the Democrats’ Russian collusion hoax — and in the middle of it is an obscure fourth-rate hack from Worcester named Charles H. Dolan, Jr.

He graduated from the UMass Amherst in 1974. So there, Harvard!

In the feds’ latest indictment of a sinister foreign national charged with trying to frame President Donald J. Trump for assorted crimes that never occurred, Dolan is identified as “PR Executive-1.”

Dolan’s lawyer confirmed his identify as the career Democrat operative who concocted stories about Trump out of thin air and then passed them on to another dodgy Beltway grifter, a Russian named Igor Danchenko.

The nefarious Red then further embellished Dolan’s lies and passed them off to another non-citizen, a crackpot Brit named Christopher Steele.

All of the above have been in one way or another on the payrolls of either the Russians or the Clintons, or the case of Dolan, both.

Steele in turn passed his collected tall tales on to two Democrat organizations, the FBI and the alt-left media, both of which then used the “dossier” to try to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States.

Talk about an insurrection …

To cite one example from the feds’ Danchenko indictment, in paragraph 52, Dolan whispered some inside dope to Danchenko about the firing of a Trump operative after allegedly meeting “with a GOP friend of mine who knows some of the players.”

In fact, the feds assert, Dolan had no such friend and utterly “fabricated the facts of the meeting.”

As The Wall Street Journal noted: “Sentences of this email appear nearly verbatim in the Steele dossier, though they are (hilariously) sourced to a ‘close associate of TRUMP.’”

Dolan was at best a minor associate in the Clinton Crime Family. But he’s still bragged about on some ZooMass websites. In fact, he is on “the Department of Political Science Advisory Board” at ZooMass.

I called UMass Friday and was told PR Executive-1 remains on the board, despite the scandal.

After all, the school’s website describes him as a “true believer in the UMass Amherst model.”

Of course he is.

According to the feds, when he’s not making up stories about Donald Trump and the Russians for the Clintons, the true believer has been working for more than a decade for … assorted Russians.

The indictment of his fellow-traveling crony states that Dolan used to hang out at the Russian embassy in D.C., traveled to Russia in 2016, and in fact stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow where the pee tape that never existed was supposed to have been shot.

In paragraph 67 of the indictment, the feds note that the scurrilous pee story in Hillary Clinton’s dossier “bore substantial similarities to information that PR Executive-1 received during the 2016 time period.”

Which seems to put Dolan in the middle of the Trump pee tape fantasy!

No wonder Dolan beams with pride in the school story about him:

“As the motto says, ‘you were — you are UMass. It is part of my DNA, and I would not be where I am today without my UMass education.”

Indeed. The story continues: “Being involved in politics in some many different ways has honed Dolan’s ability to understand political framing —”

Yeah, I guess he does understand “framing.”

In the indictment Dolan claims he “was not aware” that his fantastic whoppers would be used by the FBI in their corrupt attempts to railroad Trump et al. out of office and into prison.

But since when has the FBI cared about the niceties of law and due process? In the great Mob movie “The Godfather, Part II,” one of the gangsters, Frankie Five Angels, tells a Senate committee how he became an FBI witness.

The only thing I’ve changed in the movie dialogue is the name “Michael Corleone” to “Trump.”

“Look, the FBI guys, they promised me a deal. So I made up a lot of stuff about Trump ‘cause that’s what they wanted. But it was all lies … everything … They kept saying, Trump did this and Trump did that. So I said, ‘Yeah, sure. Why not?’”

Dolan, the Frankie Five Angels of Happy Valley, gave thousands to his Democrat masters, at least $3,000 each to John Kerry and Ed Markey, according to FEC records. He ponied up for three of the Kennedys. Being from Worcester, he also gave $500 to Rep. Joe Early, who was below average even by the abysmal standards of Worcester politics.

Early is best remembered for bouncing checks on the House bank, after which he lost his seat.

On the floor of the House, he began hysterically screaming about his accusers, “They ran like rats! Like rats.”

It was a great comic moment, still immortalized on C-SPAN. Early was invited to go on all the national TV shows, including, as he bragged, “Gerardo,” (he meant Geraldo Rivera) and “Nightlife.” (He meant Nightline.)

Would you care to guess whom Dolan considers his mentor in politics?

“’I have never forgotten (Early’s) advice that you never learn anything by listening to yourself talk,’ Dolan reflects.”

The company where Dolan previously worked as “senior vice president” has now removed his bio and photo from their website.

But he’s still a BMOC at ZooMass, which is only natural, because it’s nothing more than a holding pen for Democrat hack has-beens like Marty Meehan, Gerry Leone and Jim Julian, who are grabbing a total of $1,228,096 in salaries this year alone.

Dolan’s pushing 70, but I foresee a new role for him in his dotage — extinguished professor of political science at his alma mater.

His first course: Dirty Tricks in Politics, from Running like Rats to the Pee Tape.

As Frankie Five Angels might say, “Yeah, sure, why not?”

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