The WSJ makes Kamala Harris a non-person

Peggy Noonan is a hack’s hack, which is why her weekend column in The Wall Street Journal is well-worth not reading, ever.

Peggy Noonan is a hack’s hack, which is why her weekend column in The Wall Street Journal is well-worth not reading, ever.

I’ve never been a big fan of her career-long Deep State rump-swabbery and bum-kissing, especially since earlier this year when the 71-year-old sob sister ripped up Rush Limbaugh – her old friend – but not until after he was dead.

Still, her WSJ column this weekend about Vice President Kamala Harris deserves a look, just because it shows just how shameless Peggy Noonan is, and why she retains such an exalted status in corporate media.

This weekend’s column was headlined “Kamala Harris Needs to Get Serious.”

It’s typical Peggy Noonan thin gruel – a 200-proof distillation of Beltway conventional wisdom. Think of her as the parrot on Chris Wallace’s shoulder.

Peggy Noonan continues to hold a prime piece of real estate on the weekend Journal’s op-ed page for the same reason that 80-year-old Anthony Fauci continues to spew his hysterical nonsense long past his expiration date.

They are wrinkly useful idiots whom the Deep State believes can continue to be employed, even in their dotage, against Donald John Trump.

What makes Noonan’s latest column interesting is what she wrote in the same space on Aug. 13 of last year.

When Harris was part of the crusade, the jihad, to destroy the Make America Great Again movement – Kamala was portrayed by her courtiers, including Noonan, as the female Abraham Lincoln, and then some.

Now, Kamala is an embarrassment, an impediment to The Great Reset that Peggy’s paymasters are all in on. So, she must go.

Remember: everybody knew how preposterous Kamala Harris was in 2020. Certainly, the Democrat electorate did – that’s why she fizzled out so badly even before the primaries. But she had to be propped up, to get rid of Orange Man Bad.

Now that she’s no longer needed, Kamala gets kicked down the stairs like she’s… Sarah Palin.

If you want an example of how corrupt the mainstream media are, consider Peggy Noonan’s two columns about Willie Brown’s side piece, side by side.

Noonan on Harris, 2020: “She is warm, humorous.”

Noonan on Harris, 2021: “Ms. Harris has never seemed especially earnest. This would be a good time for earnestness.”

Harris in 2020: “She always aced the test.”

Harris in 2021: “She seems out of her depth.”

Harris in 2020: “She admires toughness. She is a natural pol.”

Harris in 2021: “Even as she’s obsessed with the game of national politics, she’s not so far particularly good at it.”

Harris in 2020: “She is an excellent performer of politics.”

Harris in 2021: “She doesn’t seem strong in public; she seems scattered and unprepared.”

Harris in 2020: “Like Bill Clinton she enjoys and has a talent for the necessary artifice. She takes obvious pleasure in campaigning – making speeches, waving, laughing, pressing the flesh.”

Harris in 2021: “She seemed unprepared, unfocused – unserious.”

Harris in 2020: “She was bred to achieve in an aspirational immigrant environment. She loves to compete.”

Harris in 2021: “She never had to develop the broad political talents….”

Harris in 2020: “The tough learn a lot from defeat.”

Harris in 2021: “Those who know her doubt she is capable of deep change.”

Harris in 2020: “She is tough and seems sincere… She is extremely interesting when writing about real things.”

Harris in 2021: “Her current strategy, to the extent that it exists, appears to rely on her sense of her own personal charisma – delighted laughter, attempt to connect personally, to convey zest.”

Harris in 2020: “She loves to compete.”

Harris in 2021: “It was too easy for them. She only had to speak Democrat, only had to know how they think and put together party coalitions.”

Harris in 2020: “We get a sense of gusto.”

Harris in 2021: “So far you’ve got a lot to be humble about.”

There’s a similar pair of matching Peggy Noonan columns on Joe Biden, from year to year. Maybe I’ll go through them next.

Even by modern (non-existent) journalistic standards, this kind of Peggy Noonan nonsense is an embarrassment. As a tabloid newspaper editor, Benito Mussolini used to say that it didn’t matter to your readers if you totally flipped your position on any issue, as long as you kept it entertaining.

Peggy didn’t get to the part of the memo about keeping it entertaining, I guess.

If she’s ordered to, Peggy will write a thousand words demanding that Kamala resign and be replaced as vice president by… Hillary Clinton.

As her old friend Rush Limbaugh would have said, “Do not doubt me on this one.”

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