The wheels are coming off the RMV

The wretched RMV is trying “to mitigate the impacts of the outage,” according to their own press release. This means they are asking local cops not to write any tickets…

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is capable of halting global warming – just ask them.

Just don’t expect the hacks to issue an inspection sticker for your car, because while stopping rising sea levels is no problem, the failed Registry of Motor Vehicles has been unable for more than a week to process even one single vehicle inspection.

Here’s what Gov. Charlie Baker talks endlessly about achieving: “net zero emissions.”

Here’s what he’s accomplished over the last 10 days with no end in sight: net zero inspections.

Gov. Charlie Baker, though, has bigger fish to fry than the 15,000 to 20,000 drivers every single day who are unable to renew their annual inspection stickers.

The man known to his Democrat admirers as “Charlie Bacon” or “Charlie Parker” can’t be bothered with such mundane concerns as plebeians having to pay years of insurance surcharges because of his calamitous incompetence.

“As a Commonwealth,” Tall Deval recently harrumphed, “we have an obligation to address climate change head on.”

Charlie, before you think globally, how about you act locally?

The entire state government has degenerated into a corrupt hackerama, Charlie, and your solution is to steal billions more from the state’s motorists by raising the gasoline tax from 24 cents a gallon to perhaps as high as 62 cents, according to a Tufts University study.

And in return for that, motorists can now get… stopped by local cops for having an expired inspection sticker because yet another Charlie Parker agency has seized up and utterly failed.

“The price of doing nothing is very big,” Charlie Bacon once said.

Of course, he wasn’t talking about the Registry. He was talking about, what are they calling it today, global cooling, global warming, climate change, extreme weather.

Guess what Charlie – if you’ve got an expired inspection sticker and a cop spots you and he’s having a bad day, the “price” of doing nothing – you and your corrupt hacks doing nothing, that is — can be “very big.”

Not for Charlie, of course, but for the motorist who if Tall Deval’s dream comes true will be paying close to an extra sawbuck for every 20-gallon fill-up.

A moving violation, which is what an expired sticker is (even if the car isn’t actually moving) is a surchargeable offense. The statute of limitations runs out on bank robberies before it runs out on a surchargeable offense in the kleptocracy known as Maskachusetts.

How long does a surcharge remain on your bill? Six years? Seven?

Let me put it another way. Since Charlie Parker et al. agree that the world may well be destroyed in a fiery apocalypse in 10 or fewer years, because of this latest Commonwealth catastrophe you may be paying more for your insurance for 70 percent of the time to enjoy the planet before climate Armageddon.

The wretched RMV is trying “to mitigate the impacts of the outage,” according to their own press release. This means they are asking local cops not to write any tickets – half the proceeds of which go to the local courts, i.e., hacks whose endless virus vacation continues as we speak.

“According to RMV records,” a spokesman told me yesterday, “only one citation has been received to date that was issued for a vehicle with an inspection that expired on 3/31/2021.”

Well, that’s a relief – unless you’re that one person.

Meanwhile, Charlie says he’s been talking to “folks in the climate and atmospheric communities.”

Maybe he should be talking to this poor driver who’s going to be out thousands of dollars because state government right now is as poorly run as it has ever been, and that includes Mike Dukakis days.

“Yesterday’s solutions and yesterday’s plans are no longer sufficient.”

Neither, Charlie, is your breathtaking incompetence – with the Registry, or the dead kids at the DCF, or the dead veterans at the Holyoke Soldiers Home, or the corrupt state cops still on the payroll, or the 65,000 faked criminal drug tests by the Department of Public Health….

“On climate change,” Charlie Bacon likes to say, “Massachusetts continues to be a national leader.”

On the more mundane issue of motor-vehicle inspections … not so much.

But give Charlie Parker credit – the state is a national leader not just in climate change but in COVID-19 deaths (third among 50 states per 100,000 population, fifth in job loss, and for months last summer, first in unemployment rate in the U.S.

And don’t forget the “grim milestone” we just passed — more than 9,000 deaths in nursing homes (regulated by Charlie Parker). So more than half the total deaths in Massachusetts (17,358) are on Gov. Bacon.

To repeat, Charlie Parker’s own stated goal: net zero emissions.

What he’s accomplished: net zero inspections.

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