The Week in Woke: Part of this complete breakfast

Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes. All sugary, childhood favorites of mine, and all dead to me now.

1. Jet-fueled white guilt

If you’re designing and building the latest and greatest in military-grade aeronautics, your top priority is coming to grips with your privilege. Lockheed Martin executives reportedly attended training that aimed to make the white men realize they haven’t earned their place in the corporate world. Christopher Rufo, who recently exposed the Disney corporation for their attempt at integrating critical race theory training for their employees, obtained leaked documents showing the top brass at Lockheed Martin were coerced into participating in a sort of “white male reeducation camp.” Read the full story to completely appreciate how degrading of an experience this must have been.

REVEALED: Lockheed Martin executives attended three day ‘white male reeducation camp’

2. Terrified of living life

A recent survey among Canadians found that over half of the respondents felt some level of angst in regards to emerging from their COVID-free basements and re-integrating into society. What’s even more astonishing is that the younger sample group, aged 18 to 24, felt even more skittish about getting back to normal. Apparently receiving a check to stay home makes one reluctant to return to working for a living. Who knew?

More than half of Canadians feel anxiety over returning to normal lives post-COVID

3. Explain why you’re racist? That’ll be $1,375

This graphic was created several years ago, but is recirculating on social media. The “Emotional Labor Invoice” is a visual aid meant to illustrate how taxing it can be to someone who has experienced oppression to explain to another individual why their feelings and viewpoints aren’t valid. Tongue-in-cheek? Partly. Obnoxious? Most definitely.

4. Tony the Tiger says, “TheeeeeeeEEEEYYYY/THEM!”

Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes. All sugary, childhood favorites of mine, and all dead to me now. Kellogg’s has partnered with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to produce a new cereal. The “new recipe features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter.” Need I say more? Yes. The packaging for the limited-edition cereal features pronouns for transgender/non-binary individuals. That’s what the kiddies love to look at while their munching on their favorite breakfast food.

Kellogg Company’s Latest Collaboration with GLAAD Unwraps Why ‘Boxes Are for Cereal, Not For People’

5. The Karen of the Week

This week’s Karen is the aptly named Kadie KAREN Diekmeyer. She was known on TikTok as “That Vegan Teacher,” as she produced videos and graphics with the intent of encouraging we omnivores to take the vegetable vows. Many of her screeds were performed through cringe-inducing, tone-deaf songs.

In a heart-warming turn of events, Diekmeyer was de-platformed on TikTok thanks to a petition signed by over 19,000 people. The petition began after Diekmeyer allegedly began bullying fellow TikTokers, shaming them for their meat-eating lifestyles. She supposedly went so far as to tell a child she wasn’t going to heaven because she eats meat.

Vegan Teacher Banned From TikTok After Thousands Sign Petition

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