“The Undoing of Your Vote Act”

It was going to be a safe week on Bacon Hill since the Tax Expenditure Committee, whose mission is to find new and unheard of ways to tax us, was not meeting.  But, just when you thought it was safe, the Election Modernization Coalition announces that it is holding a press conference tomorrow on filing the Votes Act.  

On the surface, this legislation to make elections “more secure, accessible and equitable” may sound comforting and acceptable, however, in reality it is a dangerous bill.

The first warning sign of danger is the coalition behind it.  This illustrious group consists of Sen. Cynthia Creem, Rep. John Lawn, the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU, Common Cause, Lawyers for Civil Rights, MassPIRG, MassVote, the Massachusetts Voter Table, and the League of Women Vultures (aka the League of Women Voters).  It is the who’s who list of progressives.    

The Massachusetts Voter Table is an affiliate of State Voices which makes their top priority defunding the police. A local partner for MVT is the Mass Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition.  They are the lead advocates for giving away the store to illegals.

When MassPIRG isn’t trying to outlaw plastic, they are supporting automatic voter registration.  On their website, they brag that every “time you interact with the DMV you can choose to opt-in to register to vote automatically” in the Commonwealth.  As we all know, illegals are getting fraudulent licenses at the Registry because our state doesn’t verify Social Security numbers.  MassPIRG’s national goal is “anytime you interact with a government agency your voter registration is updated electronically and automatically.”  Would one of the government agencies include ICE?  I jest.

Massachusetts’ ACLU features a sign on the front page of their website ‘no human is illegal.’  I don’t need to elaborate.

MassVote board members include Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz and road rage Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who believes in a free society where crime pays.

Common Cause fights the good fight for more access to public records, but they are moonbat crazy when it comes to election issues.  They are strong advocates for ranked choice voting, national popular voting, and automatic voter registration.  Common Cause goes so far as to tell people to be “Election Protection volunteers” by being social media “watchdogs” for “disinformation.”  Wouldn’t that make them anti-First Amendment and at odds with the ACLU?  

Lawyers for Civil Rights considers their mission to fight discrimination on such things as “immigration status” and stop the “police crisis.”

As for the League of Women Voters, who could not run a fair forum if their lives depended on it, should be renamed the Democrat League of Progressive Women.  In other words, this is not your mother or grandmother’s league.  They focus on issues from climate change to helping “immigrants” and have a clear far left agenda.

Hence, if these people are for the Votes Act, the average citizens should be against it.  

No way this bill secures our elections.  

So far what we know is that the Coalition wants to make mail-in voting permanent and to allow same day voter registration. With all the ways to cheat with mail-in voting, why would they need same day registration?  Isn’t that redundant?

Is the Coalition going to support outlawing ballot harvesting?  I highly doubt it.  

Would they support ballot drop off boxes being located in police stations?  No!  One of the Cape’s local leagues already protested a drop off box being placed at a police station last election cycle.

While the Coalition doesn’t say it directly on their various mission statements, it is clear that they want illegals to be able to vote.  Why else would they advocate for same day registration?  

Secure elections are the last thing these or any progressives want.  If they did, they would be calling for the end of vote by mail, supporting voter ID to vote, and prohibiting automatic voter registration.  Hence, this legislation should be renamed “The Undoing of Your Vote Act.” 

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