“The pandemic is over!” declared President Biden on 60 Minutes last night. Hip, hip— er, hold on a second.

Over, you say? The pandemic certainly wasn’t over three weeks ago, when Brandon brazenly tried to buy the votes of the gender-studies majors with a pledge to redistribute perhaps as much as a trillion dollars of their student debt to people who actually work for a living.

COVID is likewise not “over” in D.C., where 4-year-olds face expulsion from Pre-K this fall for not being stuck with the Fauci Ouchie.

Over? This month the Biden administration asked Congress to pass $22 Billion in COVID-19 “critical need” funding. Where’s it going, Joe?

The Panic is surely not over for the soldiers discharged for medical dissent. Or for the restaurant owners whose livelihoods remain destroyed after being forced to close their doors. Or for the third graders whose literacy scores have dropped by a margin not seen in three decades.

It isn’t over in Massachusetts, not for the fired members of the Massachusetts State Police, or for the prison guards formerly employed by the Department of Correction. Or nationwide, for the tens of thousands of nurses and other health-care professionals forced from their jobs….

But hold on. Trust the science for a moment, folks!

On Day 917 of 15 Days to Slow the Spread, let’s check out the graph of doom.

The seven-day average coronavirus case count is currently above 60,000. This matches the rate in July 2020, when the all-powerful vaccine was nowhere in sight. The pandemic was very much happening that summer.

The infection rate was statistically equivalent in April 2021, four months after the serum of the gods had been approved for adult injection. We were in an “emergency,” after all.

If we are a rational species, we must admit that if conditions fit the definition of “pandemic” then, the exact same conditions must fit it now.

But as we know, inconvenient definitions can change before our very eyes.

Unfortunately for the Pandemocrats, both the general public and the mainstream media are beginning to sniff out their nonsense. Trending on Twitter this morning was #CovidIsNotOver. NPR is in hysterics. The Guardian is calling Malarkey.

It’s becoming rather obvious that COVID is only “over” when the Big Pharma cash flows slow (Sorry, monkeypox just didn’t have the same ring to it, guys!) or the swamp creatures need a quick fix to win themselves another term.

Overblown? Sure. But until every mandate is repealed and my taxes stop funding “relief” (more properly described as welfare or handouts), COVID is far from over.

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