The Natives are getting restless.

The natives are getting restless.

That’s the lesson from yesterday’s demonstration at the State House – hundreds of protesters demonstrating against Gov. Charlie Parker’s latest tyrannical diktat, requiring most children in the state (down to the age of six months) to get flu shots if they’re in any kind of school or day care.

“Mama Is Pissed,” said my favorite sign.

Rayla Campbell, the GOP write-in candidate tomorrow in Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s district, addressed the crowd:

“Gov. Baker – no!” she said. “You cannot mandate what I or my children put into our bodies.”

The rally on Beacon Street came two days after various high schoolers demanded a return of their fall sports.

“Let Us Play,” said my favorite sign.

Another indication of a turning tide: finally, the imperious RINO governor is taking some heat out on the street. Last week, he did his usual panic-porn press conference at a well-known bicycle shop in Belmont.

Leaving after his customary arrogant, inane remarks, he was approached by a guy who recently opened a new restaurant in Belmont Center. Check out the video from Ch. 7 here:

We’re going to try to get this restauranteur on the show today. He seems like a really solid citizen, just opened his restaurant late last year, and according to reports built his 12-seat bar himself. A bar which is now shut down until “Phase 4” which is Tall Deval-speak for “Never.”

The businessman says to the governor: “Please explain to us how restaurants and bars are the problem.”

He’s asked the governor, his state rep — anybody — to come tell him and the rest of the suffering business owners in Belmont what the hell they’re doing. When the phone didn’t ring, he knew it was Charlie Parker.

As the governor sheds his coat and climbs into the back of his State Police car, Parker sneers at the guy, “Do me a favor, take a look at Florida, Arizona, Texas, California, after they opened up –“

“I follow it daily,” the restauranteur says. “I follow it daily.”

Of course he does. If something or someone is killing you, you tend to keep a close eye on the latest developments.

But since Charlie’s so proud of his performance vis a vis the Sunbelt states, let’s give those stats one more look. As of yesterday, these are the current death rates per 100,000 in the four states Tall Deval thinks are doing such a bad job with the panic:

Arizona: 68 per 100,000.

Florida: 51 per 100,000.

Texas: 43 per 100,000.

California: 32 per 100,000.

As opposed to Massachusetts, where the death rate is… 131 per 100,000.

Oh, and don’t forget that the state’s unemployment rate under Charlie Parker is the worst in the nation at 16.1 percent. Here are the July jobless rates for the four states Tall Deval claims he’s doing so much better than:

Texas 8 percent (less than half MA’s, in other words).

Arizona 10.6 percent.

Florida 11.6 percent.

California 13.3 percent.

But wait, there’s more.

Check out this chart from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Only 6 percent of the deaths nationwide are caused only by COVID – fewer than 10,000, in other words. The other 94 percent of the deceased had one or more underlying conditions – comorbidities.

Also on that chart, see the fatalities by age group nationwide. The rates are about the same as they are here in Maskachusetts.

Finally, you know how Charlie Parker is always talking about how many “tests” the state is doing, and how important it is?

No surprise he’d rather talk about tests than about the fact that 5796 of the state’s 8816 fatalities have occurred in the nursing homes his administration is supposed to be regulating. Or the fact that zero MA residents under the age of 20 have died, and that only 150 under the age of 50 have perished.

But now, it seems that Tall Deval’s tests are all, well, BS. Even The New York Times, which is all in on the panic as a way of destroying President Trump’s reelection prospects, had to admit the obvious this weekend:

“Your Coronavirus Test is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.”

According to the Times, 90 percent of the “positive” tests show such vanishingly small traces of the virus as to render them meaningless.

These studies came from three states – New York, Nevada and… Maskachusetts.

To repeat, these tests are what Parker has been hanging his hat on since he stopped talking (if indeed he ever did) about death rates, ventilators, PPE’s, flattening the curve, peaceful protesters, his hack pals at the Holyoke Soldiers Home, the $52,000 he grabbed from the nursing-home operators, peaceful protesters and so forth.

The Times’ story is damning, but quite technical. So here’s a thread I put together with excerpts from the story:

No wonder the natives are getting restless. If this were a zombie movie, it would be nightfall, and the pounding of drums would be growing ever louder deep in the jungle.

And the native guide would be taking a powder out the back of the tent as the Brit in the pith helmet screams at him to get back to camp.

Charlie Parker – like Macbeth, those he commands move only in command, nothing in love.

It’s over, Tall Deval. You may not know it yet, but we are all so over this, as the Dorchester guy who threw the party at the casino in Revere said after he was busted last week.

Charlie, you’re going down as the worst governor in state history, you singlehandedly destroyed the economy, and Trump is still going to be reelected anyway.

Only one way out now Charlie. Next press conference, you need to come out wearing a tee shirt, and here is what it has to say:

No mask?

No problem!

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