The MS-13 butcher of East Boston sent away for life

In their sentencing memo to Judge Mark Wolf, the feds even mentioned how in 2018 the Globe’s credulous trustafarian legacies had made the foreign fiend into a “poster boy.”

But no thanks to the Boston Globe, the feds point out

Will Henri Salvador Gutierrez a/k/a Perverso, an illegal alien from El Salvador, soon be eligible to get a Massachusetts driver’s license after the 120-36 vote by the Massachusetts House to offer yet another giveaway to the undocumented Democrat community?

Probably not. Because on Wednesday afternoon, just as the Democrats on Beacon Hill were slobbering about how wonderful illegals are, about a mile away at the federal courthouse, this MS-13 gangbanger was being sentenced to life in prison for two gruesome murders of teenagers.

I’ve written about Perverso before, but guess what, so has The Boston Globe.

However, the Globe has a slightly different take on the tattooed, knife-wielding Third World savage who wantonly slaughtered two teenagers.

In their sentencing memo to Judge Mark Wolf, the feds even mentioned how in 2018 the Globe’s credulous trustafarian legacies had made the foreign fiend into a “poster boy.”

Let’s do a timeline for this poster boy who might soon be eligible to get his own driver’s license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, if only he had… turned his life around, the way the Globe said he was.

In 2014, Perverso sneaked into the country, illegally. Under Obama, MS-13 gangbangers like Perverso were lovingly called “unaccompanied minors.” It was all part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, which is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams, which are our wildest nightmares.

On Christmas Eve 2016, Perverso and his MS-13 crew lured their first victim to a park in East Boston and, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, he “personally stabbed the victim … at least a dozen sharp stab wounds … throat was slashed ….”

On July 30, 2018, Perverso killed a 17-year-old male in Lynn. Here’s how the feds describe that homicide by six new Americans:

“Repeatedly stabbed and hacked him to death … at least 32 distinct sharp force trauma wounds … multiple blunt force injuries. The victim also had small pieces of metal embedded in his head, consistent with parts of the large knives breaking with the force of the strikes to the victim’s skull.”

Let’s go the feds’ sentencing memo, page 25:

“A mere two weeks before he was indicted for racketeering and murder in this case, Salvador appears to have been the subject of a featured profile in the Boston Globe about a story on ICE and Boston Police’s effort to detain people like Salvador.”

Those are the feds’ italics, by the way. That’s how appalling this story is, even by the dismal standards of the Globe.

The feds noted that the Boring Broadsheet didn’t name Perverso but “it seems obvious” that they were giving the double murderer a wet kiss.

The bow-tied bumkissers described him as “the young man from El Salvador,” and implied that he was being targeted simply because of his 503 tattoo and his multiple arrests for carrying a knife, which he claimed he needed “to cut things around the house.”

The immigration judge, one Mario Sturla, an Obama holdover from Brown University, not only refused to deport the young man but also “approved the man’s application for permanent residency and ordered his release” in June 2018.

“Ending on a hopeful and cheerful note,” the feds note of the Globe’s hard-hitting coverage, “the article concluded by saying that ‘he has since been reunited with his infant son and is trying to finish high school.’ ”

How special! Two weeks after he was granted permanent legal residency, Perverso was slicing up the 17-year-old in Lynn. He was later recorded bragging in jail how he and his fellow illegal aliens had murdered their second victim — “dicing him as if he were a cow.”

The judge had been hoodwinked, just like the Globe. Liberalism is a mental disorder, as someone once noted. Despite their fawning over him, Perverso had “more than a passing interest in unconscionable violence ….”

Strangely, his endless pampering by rich liberals “did not lead Salvador to commit himself to the American dream. He remained, as he had been for years, committed instead to senseless violence … Salvador should actually be the poster child for someone who has abused the immigration system.”

Under new management, the U.S. attorney’s office told the judge it was not casting aspersions “on the media, the ACLU or any other entity’s effort to report on” the immigration catastrophe (my word, not theirs).

However, this case “makes a mockery of the immigration system.”

We can all agree on that, right?

I know what the apologists for the hordes of Third World criminals swarming across the border will say — this case is merely an “anecdote.” That’s what ex-Gov. Deval Patrick always used to claim when one of his non-working-class constituents drunkenly ran over an American taxpayer.

So Perverso is just an … anecdote. Nothing to see here, amigos, move along.

And now the illegals are going to get drivers’ licenses. The same newspaper that made a hero out of Perverso says this is a wonderful idea. Because, you see, if we give them drivers’ licenses, they’ll somehow decide to start obeying our laws.

Why do the pablum-puking moonbats never make the same argument on behalf of licensed gun owners, 99% of whom are law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens with neither gang tattoos, Chicago Bulls hats nor knives?

Thanks for that vote on the drivers’ licenses, Legislature. All of six of the 125-plus Democrats voted against this latest giveaway. Remember in November.

One final question: Who do you suppose is going to pay for the cost of raising Perverso’s anchor baby that the Globe rhapsodized over?

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