The Massachusetts Democrat hack tied to Russian collusion hoax

If Dolan and his co-conspirators had done to a Democrat president what they tried to do to Donald Trump, they wouldn’t just be in jail, they’d be under one.

It’s fabulous to be a Democrat — just ask Charles H. Dolan, Jr., a 72-year-old career Massachusetts hack who has gotten a total pass from everybody despite his pivotal role in the Russian collusion hoax, the greatest scandal in American political history.

The reason is because… Democrats.

If Dolan and his co-conspirators had done to a Democrat president what they tried to do to Donald Trump, they wouldn’t just be in jail, they’d be under one.

Yet practically no one in America has even heard of this Dolan dolt. And now it turns out that even after it became clear that he had been directly involved in concocting Hillary Clinton’s false “dirty dossier,” the Deep State gave him a good leaving alone.

In fact, the corrupt FBI adamantly refused to even interview him about his role in Hillary’s hoax because, once again… Democrats.

This new information about how the FBI tried to protect their fellow Trump-hating Democrat was revealed last week during the federal trial in Virginia of Igor Danchenko.

Danchenko is a sinister Russian national suspected of both espionage for the Kremlin and immigration fraud. He was the one who supplied most of the media-hyped lies about Trump to Hillary’s campaign. One of his primary “sources” was Dolan, a longtime operative for both the Russians and the Clintons.

When the FBI discovered that the real Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign involved Danchenko, they did the obvious thing — they put him on their payroll for $200,000 so that they wouldn’t have to answer questions about his connections to the Clintons.

“Sources and methods” — the alibi the G-men always use when they refuse to answer questions about their endless obstructions of justice.

So Danchenko remained on the FBI payroll until the 2020 election — when it was too late for Trump to flip him as a witness.

Last week, Danchenko went on trial for lying to the FBI, which he obviously did. The case was brought by Special Counsel John Durham, who put corrupt Democrat FBI agent Zip Connolly in prison for racketeering.

Connolly, a convicted Mob hitman, was one of six Boston FBI agents taking payoffs from cocaine-dealing Democrat gangster Whitey Bulger, whose Democrat brother was the president of the University of Massachusetts, Dolan’s alma mater.

Durham probably understood that he couldn’t get a conviction against Danchenko, since the jury in Alexandria was all… Democrats.

But the trial served to again show just how irredeemably corrupt the FBI is.

For instance, Durham’s prosecutors asked Danchenko’s FBI handler if he’d ever asked Putin’s puppet about his alleged spying for Russia. Nope, said the bent G-man. Well, did you ever ask this stooge of Stalin about his alleged immigration fraud? Nope. Did you ever administer a lie detector test to your Communist comrade? Of course not!

No surprises there. The FBI must be defunded ASAP.

But at trial we also learned a lot about the local hack, Danchenko’s drinking buddy, Chuck Dolan, career coat holder for both the Kremlin and the Clintons.

When Dolan was briefly mentioned in a Wall Street Journal story last spring, the Clintons gave a pro-forma denial straight out of the old Mission: Impossible TV series:

“A longtime aide to both Bill and Hillary Clinton said she had no recollection of Dolan.”

Dolan’s got all the usual Massachusetts Democrat credentials, right down to being arrested in 2013 for drunk driving, reckless driving, speeding and marked-lane violations after boozing it up at a licensed local hackerama in Newburyport.

Dipso Dolan lost his license for 45 days. In 2014 the case was “continued without a finding” because… Democrats.

Dolan briefly appeared at trial as a witness. Under oath he admitted that he had made up preposterous anti-Trump stories and then passed them on to Danchenko, who then inserted them into Hillary’s fake dossier.

What was new was the testimony of a couple of honest FBI agents/analysts who were assigned to the phony-baloney probe of Trump by Robert Mueller, the former FBI director.

You may recall that Mueller was also U.S. attorney in Boston during the period after the FBI framed four innocent men for a gangland hit they hadn’t committed.

When the FBI’s victims were finally freed after more than 30 years in prison, Mueller refused to turn over exculpatory evidence until a federal judge in 2006 threatened to throw him in jail.

So you know that Mueller would insist on making sure nothing embarrassing happened to a lying fellow corrupt Deep State operative.

Both an FBI agent and an analyst on Mueller’s team quickly figured out that Dolan had his fingerprints all over the anti-Trump fake dossier. They wanted to question him, for obvious reasons. It was a criminal probe, after all.

“I was concerned,” the honest FBI analyst said, “about a national security threat, especially as it related to Mr. Dolan’s connectivity to the sources and sub-sources of the dossier, as well as his connectivity to any Russian government officials.”

Prosecutor: “Did you believe that further investigative steps should have been taken on Mr. Dolan?”

FBI analyst: “Yes.”

But Mueller’s Democrat prosecutors ordered the honest FBI agents not to go near Dolan. Who cared about the fact that he might be “a national security threat”?

Revealing Dolan’s corruption might have wrecked their Orange Man Bad narrative. The straight cops finally prepared a report on Dolan and his deep ties to both the Kremlin and Democrats. They turned their file over to one of the ranking Democrat agents on the “probe.”

Prosecutor: “And what, if anything, happened after you submitted this memo?”

FBI agent: “It sat for approximately three or four weeks… I was told to close — well, it was never opened. So I was told it was not going to be opened.”

Because… Democrats.

So now Dolan can go back to wherever the Kremlin and the Clintons need him next. By the way, he has another minor gig on his resume. As an extinguished alumnus of ZooMass, Class of ’74, Dolan is affiliated with the school.

After these latest revelations, I inquired if Dolan has finally been stripped of his honorary position. This was ZooMass’ response:

“The latest information we have in hand is that Chuck Dolan remains a member of the Political Science Advisory Board at UMass Amherst.”

Of course he does!

It’s just professional courtesy. After all, the $658,574-a-year president of UMass is a former Democrat Congressman, Marty Meehan. The $364,689-a-year UMass legal counsel is a former Democrat district attorney, Gerry Leone. One of the Bulgers’ longtime Democrat henchmen, Jim Julian, still has his snout buried in the ZooMass trough for $480,569 per annum.

Who cares about some damn national-security scandal and an attempted frame-up of the president of the United States by the FBI?

ZooMass is still taking care of Dolan because… Democrats.

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