The local left hook to Hillary’s Russia hoax

Of course there had to be a Massachusetts hack or two connected to Hillary Clinton’s Russian collusion hoax scandal — we’ve known that for months now.

His name is Charles H. Dolan Jr., and he turns 72 next month. He’s got the usual shabby fourth-string coat holder Democrat credentials, including making much more than $100,000 from real, documented collusion with assorted sinister Russian nationals.

According to the federal criminal indictment last year of one of his Kremlin cronies, Dolan was at least indirectly involved in concocting the most noxious calumny of all in Hillary Clinton’s dodgy dossier — the Donald Trump “pee tape,” which was absolutely false.

Because Dolan has not been indicted, he’s only identified by the feds as “PR Executive-1.” But his lawyer has admitted that he is the UMass ’74 grad who apparently started the bogus story, even if inadvertently.

Now it turns out that Dolan has one other impeccable qualification as a Massachusetts Democrat career payroll Charlie.

He was once arrested and charged with drunken driving, reckless driving, speeding and marked-lane violations after boozing it up at a local hack hangout in Newburyport. He lost his driver’s license for 45 days.

In 2014, the charges against the dipso Demo were “continued without a finding” because … Democrats.

We’ve known about this hack’s hack since November, when one of Dolan’s comrades, a dodgy Russian operative named Igor Danchenko, was indicted and charged with lying to the FBI about his role in concocting Hillary Clinton’s bought-and-paid-for fake “dossier.”

But the press seemed intent on giving Dolan a good leaving alone, perhaps because he has been involved for decades in the corrupt campaigns of both Clintons. The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post finally picked up Dolan’s trail Tuesday, complete with a pro forma denial from the Clintons:

“A longtime aide to both Bill and Hillary Clinton said she had no recollection of Dolan.”

Very predictable response, right out of the old Mission: Impossible TV series about how any operative is to be treated if apprehended: “As always, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”

What really happened, according to the feds, was that Dolan junketed to Moscow in 2016 on yet another mission for his nefarious Red paymasters. He’d long been on the Russians’ payroll whenever wasn’t handling low-level campaign chores like stuffing envelopes or doing phone-bank work for the Clintons. In Moscow, he stayed at the Ritz-Carlton near the Kremlin. When he got back to D.C., he chatted up comrade Danchenko.

In paragraph 67 of the Danchenko indictment, the feds note that the pee story in Hillary’s dossier “bore substantial similarities to information that PR Executive-1 received during the 2016 time period.”

Maybe he didn’t even realize what he was telling Hillary’s Russian operative. But it turns out the pee tape lie that wasn’t Dolan’s only big whopper in the dossier.

In paragraph 52, Dolan is accused of telling Putin’s puppet Danchenko that he had gotten inside dope on the firing of a Trump campaign staffer from a “GOP friend.”

In fact, the feds say, Dolan had no such friend and according to the G-men utterly “fabricated the facts of the meeting.”

But he hasn’t been charged with any crimes because, once again … Democrats.

The Post is now describing Dolan as “one of the most mysterious figures in the saga of the Steele dossier.”

But he’s mysterious only because they haven’t looked very hard at him, for obvious reasons. A couple of years, the Post gave itself a Pulitzer Prize for their “deeply reported” stories about what they are now tacitly admitting was a 100% Democrat hoax.

Consider the drunken-driving charges. They were detailed in the Newburyport Daily News, complete with his home address in Arlington, Va., where he lives in a $1.4 million mansion.

According to the court documents, before being lugged by the local constabulary, Dolan imbibed his last drink at David’s Tavern in Brown Square, Newburyport.

Sadly, David’s appears to have gone out of business. A few months after Dolan ingested his bad ice cube, it was shut down by the state Department of Revenue (DOR). According to the Newburyport Daily News, David’s had the distinction of “owing more unpaid taxes than any other business” in the state — $81,272.

No wonder it was a local “fixture for politicians.” Deadbeat Democrat birds of a feather fly together. But I still wanted to know what was the tosspot’s last call for alcohol.

With his Ted Kennedy-Bill Weld ruddy complexion, if you get my drift, Dolan strikes me as a Lord Hobo IPA-loving type of guy.

However, Dolan’s lawyer did not respond to either phone calls or emails.

But you don’t have to dig into court documents to get an idea of just what a duplicitous dolt Dolan is. At his alma mater, ZooMass, Putin’s pampered puppet is a member of “the Department of Political Science Advisory Board.”

ZooMass did not respond to my inquiries about whether he’s still one of their extinguished, I mean distinguished alumni. But the school’s website does feature his comments about the school.

“It is part of my DNA,” Dolan said, although he surely meant to say BAC, “and I would not be where I am today without my UMass education.”

And where he is is right in the middle of the biggest political dirty-tricks scandal in American history. And his only defense seems to be that he had no idea how his preposterously embellished BS stories were going to be used.

Mysterious figure? Not if you’re from Massachusetts he isn’t. Hell, I wish the likes of Charles Dolan were mysterious figures around here, instead of being so thick on the ground.

Maybe then the state wouldn’t be the laughingstock of the nation, not to mention a complete left-wing basket case.

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