The Leigha Genduso scandal…Will anyone have to answer for this?

Is anyone going to lose his or her $150,000-a-year state pension over this Leigha Genduso scandal?

That’s always the ultimate question in the hackerama – how is whatever-it-is going to affect my kiss in the mail?

Among all the multiple scandals in Massachusetts, this one seems different. Some cops will always go bad, just like people in any other line of work. But usually police don’t go over to the dark side until they’ve had their badge and their gun and their cruiser (and in Leigha’s case her K-9) for awhile.

Think bent G-men Zip Connolly, H. Paul Rico, Vino Morris and a host of others, or Trooper Richard Schneiderhan, or BPD detective/hitman Bill Stuart. Corrupt as they all were, they were at least nominally clean when they were sworn in.

Not Leigha. Her attention-grabbing past was there for all to see. And somebody has to answer for this, or should, although I have my doubts about the ongoing MSP internal cover-up, I mean investigation, into how she was hired.

At her boyfriend’s trial, she admitted under a grant of immunity to committing a host of major felonies – kingpin-level drug dealing, perjury, income-tax evasion and money-laundering. But even if you put all that aside, what exactly were her qualifications for being a state trooper?

She was a cocktail waitress at Scuttlebutts in Salem. Period.

Oh, I forgot, she’s also a web designer of sorts. When her gangster boyfriend, Sean Bucci, decided to set up a website to identify law-enforcement informants, she’s the one who came up with the name –

Here’s what the cops said about Leigha’s website:

“Although BUCCI posted a disclaimer that the website’s intent is to assist in criminal defense, it clearly has an underlying intimidation aspect.”

Nice, huh?

This website – which is still around – was such a big deal that the fat thug Bucci actually appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s TV show in 2007. You can still watch the segment on youtube. When asked about the peril posed to informants by being listed as rats, Bucci replies:

“Don’t come crying because you’re on a website, because you’ve already done the damage. You already signed up for the program. Deal with it.”

Nobody noticed any of this? Nobody? Leigha Genduso was in the crosshairs of a major federal drug-kingpin takedown – I count at least six local and state cops, six DEA agents, as Arizona.

And you’re telling me nobody realized that this gangster’s moll – the Bonnie to Sean Bucci’s Clyde – had gone on the job and was making $151,000 a year?

By the way, if you check out Bucci on youtube, he looks exactly like one of Trooper Genduso’s more recent sugar daddies, the disgraced Lt. Col. Dan Risteen. Last month Risteen suddenly “retired” after his erstwhile arm candy was outed as a career criminal.

Both Bucci and Risteen are dead ringers for a famous TV detective – Kojak. In other words, they’re fat and their heads are shaved. And would you like to guess the name of Trooper Genduso’s most recent K-9 partner.

The hound’s name is Kojack. Yes, it’s spelled differently but that’s Leigha for you. After all, she fretted in court about “perjurizing” herself.

Has anyone seen Sean Bucci lately? He was sentenced to 151 months, and the feds seized $2.7 million in assets. This proud “Irish-Italian,” as he described himself, much to the chagrin of all Irish and Italians, has been out of prison since October 2015.

Do you suppose Bucci ever hooks up with his ex? Probably not, considering his public disdain for rats and snitches, which Leigha Genduso most assuredly is, in addition to all of her other attributes.

And where is Gov. Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker on all this? I know he’s got a whole host of other scandals in state government that he’s very busy ignoring, but consider how quickly he moved against the state trooper known as “Big Irish.”

I’m not defending Big Irish’s rude comments on that cop website. But seriously, if making asinine comments in an Internet chat room becomes a firing offense, there’s not going to be anybody left to bag groceries at Market Basket, let alone patrol the Southeast Expressway.

I’m sure Tall Deval is working hard to get to the bottom of his latest State Police scandal. Like AG Maura Healey, he will leave no stone unturned – except the one Leigha is hiding under.

Meanwhile, wherever she’s stashed now, Leigha still has a listing on a “talent” website.

“Age 36 Female Boston MA. Height 5’3”. Weight 116 lbs. Body Type Petite. Ethnicity Caucasian. Hair Color Brown. Eye Color Brown.”

It doesn’t list Leigha’s preferences in boyfriends, but we already know her type – Kojak.

As for her resume, the website notes that Leigha has “not yet provided this information.”

One final question for Leigha: Is Scuttlebutts hiring?

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