The left’s Tim Scott meltdown gives conservatives some important information

Listen up, fellow conservatives, I have a great new method for how we should go about picking winning candidates: Keep a very close eye on which Republicans draw the most irrational hate from the left.

Former President Donald Trump may be the kingmaker in the Republican Party, but the real test for potential contenders is how mad they drive the other side.

President Biden’s fierce army of woke activists know that simply puffing up their feeble, whispery septuagenarian will not suffice. They also have to take down any candidates who might threaten their radical agenda.

So when you see the talking heads on CNN looking especially twisted and sour, take note. The denizens of the left know exactly which dissenters are worth fearing.

Enter U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Days before his rebuttal speech outraged Critical Race Theory advocates across America, Scott, who’s Black, was already being criticized by a “fact-checker” from the Washington Post.

Glenn Kessler decided to look into Tim Scott’s family history. The headline read, “Tim Scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. There’s more to that tale.”

The results of Kessler’s strange and insulting effort to uncover inconsistencies in the senator’s family history? Well, unfortunately for Glenn, there was nothing to uncover. Scott hadn’t lied about anything. His family had gone from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.

A normal writer would have scrapped the disgusting piece, but Glenn Kessler is anything but.

Instead, he zeroed in on the fact that Scott’s grandfather picked cotton on a farm that the family owned.

I’m not going to try to understand Kessler’s convoluted way of thinking, but someone online summarized it best with this sarcastic tweet, “Actually, Tim Scott’s grandfather left school to pick cotton, but it was for a family farm that was larger than most, making the back-breaking work much easier than, say, using white privilege to sit at a keyboard and attack a black man and his family for daring to have success.”

Kessler’s piece was gross, but it proved something beyond his buffoonery: The left was worried about Sen. Scott. And when he delivered his remarks after Biden’s joint address to Congress this past week, it instantly became clear what the left was so afraid of.

Scott, in a move that likely made Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Climate Czar John Kerry feel queasy, said that “America is not a racist country.”

If that wasn’t enough to drive the woke social justice warriors over the edge, Scott really hit them where it hurts with this line: “I also experienced another kind of intolerance. I’m called ‘Uncle Tom’ and N-word — by ‘progressives’! By liberals!”

The sanctimonious blue check marks and virtue-signaling crusaders could not stand for these kinds of despicable accusations.

How dare he call them intolerant? It was outrageous! Something had to be done.

So, they all took to their keyboards and set about proving him right. Scott Nevins wrote, “Sen. @TimScottSC is uncle Tom’ing it for his life. So sad. South Carolina should be so ashamed.” He deleted the tweet later and explained he was using the term “ironically.”

Soon “Uncle Tim” was trending on Twitter, combining the senator’s name with an insulting racial epithet. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey must have had the night off from censorship duty, because the slur trended for hours.

Commentator Keith Olbermann diagnosed the senator with Stockholm Syndrome. Joy Behar, a white woman who wore blackface when she dressed up as a “beautiful African woman” for a Halloween party, screeched on “The View” that Scott did not seem to understand systemic racism.

Did you hear that, Sen. Scott? Joy Behar would like to explain systemic racism to you. Give her a buzz when you get a minute.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel, another blackface aficionado, delivered a monologue in which he said, “Every black Republican senator got together to let the American people know the Republican Party isn’t racist. … And then Tim promptly returned to the sensory deprivation egg.”

I hope conservatives are paying attention.

There is a reason that these elitist progressives are losing their minds over Tim Scott: They know that he could change the future of the Republican Party.

The limousine liberals might have signs on their lawns that read “hate has no home here,” but rest assured — free thinking has no home there, either. They are petrified of any people or opinions that destroy their bad ideas and wacky agendas.

And when Democrats are afraid, they get nasty. But the nastier they get, the more I’m convinced that we have some real winners on our hands.

So don’t pay attention to the tweets or headlines or chyrons that denigrated Tim Scott’s speech.

Because the real headline from Scott’s rebuttal can only be read in-between the lines … A Star is Born.

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