The Kool Aid Kult Kronicles: Part II – You Are What Your Record Says You Are

Bill Parcells, the famous NFL coach and Super Bowl winner, said that, and it applies in the case of the Kool Aid Kult that ran the Mass GOP into the ground 2019-23.

You are what your record says you are.

Please, don’t let these imbeciles regain control of the party by taking over the state committee again. If they do, they’ll finish off the job they started in 2019, losing every single race they get involved in.

Every. Single. Race.

To refresh you, the 3 hacks who almost destroyed the party in 2019-23 are:

Jim “Jones” Lyons, ex-Democrat, Trump hater in 2016, defeated state rep who became MAGOP party chairman in 2019.

Geoff “DoorDash” Diehl, Uber driver and loser for state Senate, US Senate and governor, now reputed to be the Kult’s candidate to finish off the party if he can get reelected to committee this week.

Rick Green, Red Chinese auto-parts magnate and defeated Congressional candidate, the employer of many of the Kult hacks, including DoorDash Diehl and indicted welfare fraudster Dean Tran.

They controlled the party for two election cycles, 2020 and 2022. Here is their “glittering” record:

Constitutional offices: From 2 (gov. & lt. gov.) to zero.

US House races: zero for 18.

US Senate race: zero for 1.

Legislature: From 38 seats out of 200 in 2018 to 28 in 2022. (Loss of 10.)

County sheriffs: From 4 to 1. (Lost Norfolk, Barnstable and Bristol.)

County district attorneys: From 2 to 1. (Lost Barnstable.)

Governor’s Council: zero for 16.

Referendum questions: zero for 2.

Even worse, the state GOP couldn’t even manage to get several other referendum questions onto the statewide ballot. Getting the required 80,000 or so signatures has always been an onerous, time-consuming task. But it was always something the state GOP could accomplish – until crackpot losers Lyons and Diehl, et al. wrested control of the party from people who actually wanted to win elections.

Going back to the NFL analogies, an NFL season has 17 regular-season games. Lyons & Diehl ran the party for four years.

If they were NFL coaches, the Kool Aid Kult’s record would be 0-68.

And now they want another shot!


Next: The Financial & Legal Wreckage of the Kool Aid Kult.

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