The Kool Aid Kult Kronicles: Part I – Introduction

So who’s the real Trumper?

Early voting has already started in MA for the Super Tuesday primaries on March 5.

On the GOP side, in addition to the presidential primary, a very important struggle is going on for control of the Republican state committee.

Theoretically, a political party’s state committee should operate as the same kind of board of directors that all non-profits and public charities have.

It should be routinely approving and expediting the funneling of $$$ to keep the party and its candidates going, and making sure everything is operating on the level, with no messy financial or legal entanglements.

Which is exactly the opposite of how the Kool Aid Kult operated the state GOP from 2019-23, in such complete and utter mismanagement that it turned state government over to the Democrats – hook, line and sinker.

Like its Democrat counterpart, the GOP state committee includes 80 members, 2 for each state Senate district, one male, one female.

If the Kool Aid Kult wins the state committee majority in the primary voting that’s now begun, it will be the final end of a 2-party state in MA. The anti-Trumpers and anti-Reaganites who still run the Kool Aid Kult just about destroyed the party in 2019-23, and now they want to finish wrecking the GOP, once and for all.

It’s that simple.

The Kool Aid Kult’s inability to win elections — any elections — is the reason MA is now overrun with tens of thousands of illegal aliens on welfare in flophouses, that they have drivers’ licenses, and that the income tax is up 80 percent on “millionaires.”

It’s why 1100 taxpaying Americans flee the state every week. They’ve given up.

But there’s still at least a slight chance at restoring something like a two-party system. But only if the GOP and unenrolled voters can keep the Kult from regaining power.

This week, in the run-up to Super Tuesday, we’ll be telling you how to avoid that unthinkable nightmare, by voting for sane, decent, reputable candidates, who want to win elections, and who don’t subscribe to the Kool Aid Kult’s Fellowship of the Miserable.

Five years ago, the GOP state committee was hijacked by a crackpot crew of lunatic losers, among them defeated state rep Jim “Jones” Lyons, perennial loser candidate & Uber driver Geoff “DoorDash” Diehl & loser Congressional candidate & Red Chinese auto parts magnate Rick Green.

They were finally ousted from control last January, by Amy Carnevale, who is now the chair of the party. The Kool Aid Kultists are calling her a RINO, but that’s just more of the BS from their toothless shut-ins with their walkers.

While Lyons was trying to knee-cap Trump in 2016 working round-the-clock for Cruz, and as his money man the Red Chinese auto parts magnate Rick Green was fan-boying for son-of-a-mailman John Kasich, Amy Carnevale was a proud Trump delegate to the national convention in Cleveland.

Here Amy is with Trump in Oyster Bay at a post-convention fundraiser in the summer of 2016.

Here she is with her husband at the inauguration in Jan. 2017.

Here she is in the Oval Office with POTUS & NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns.

So who’s the real Trumper – Amy or Jim “Jones” Lyons, who ran for the legislature as a Democrat in 1982 & 1984, as his party’s leaders Ted Kennedy, Mike Dukakis and Fritz Mondale were trying to topple Ronald Reagan?

If you want to know who to vote for to stop the Kool Aid Kult from destroying the two-party system in MA, click the button below for who I highly recommend.

Let’s face it – none of us ever thought anything about the state committee until the Kool Aid Kult hijacked it to destroy MA. Now we’re forced to pay attention. Instead of Thelma & Louise driving over the cliff, we have Jim Jones Lyons & DoorDash Diehl.

We’ll try to make this week’s study of Kool Aid Kult Kastrophes as entertaining as possible.


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