The GOP can’t get out of its own way

It is just unbelievable how Republicans can be our own worst enemies.

It is just unbelievable how Republicans can be our own worst enemies.

After the victories in Virginia and the unexpectedly close election in New Jersey, Republican — or should I say sane? — voters were reinvigorated.

Unfortunately, their optimism was squashed days later when 13 GOP representatives voted for Biden’s insane “infrastructure” spending bill.

Hence, it is not enough that Republicans regain their majorities in both houses of Congress in 2022. We need to make sure we elect Jim Jordan type Republicans.  In other words, no RINOs (Republican in name only)!

So how do you determine if a Republican candidate is a potential RINO?  Here are some clues:

  • If the candidate refuses to sign a “No New Taxes” pledge, that means they will not hold the line against tax increases and don’t understand how tax hikes can cripple the economy.
  • A refusal to sign a term-limits pledge is another tell-tale sign.  This is a huge indication they want to be in politics for life.  Career politicians will sell out to hold on to their six-figure sinecures, behind which come the seven-figure lifetime pensions.
  • If the candidate promises to serve on the Election Integrity Caucus, he or she is not a RINO.  They understand that Democrats cheat and it is not a figment of Trump’s imagination. 
  • Also, promising to join the House Freedom Caucus is another definite sign of a Republican with a spine.
  • This clue is obvious: if the candidate supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, that person is a jellyfish.  He or she doesn’t believe that we are a nation of laws.
  • If former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Sen. Mitt Romney, US Rep. Liz Cheney, President George Bush, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Gov. Charlie Baker or US Rep. Adam Kinzinger endorses that candidate, then blank this race.  It’s a RINO.
  • Wearing a mask after being vaccinated is another sure-fire RINO indicator.
  • When asked about Trump being impeached, if he or she says they would have voted in favor, then send them a change of registration form.
  • Abandon any candidate who refuses to say whether he voted for Trump both times.
  • All Republicans with a backbone want the mad scientist Dr. Anthony Fauci gone, so any wavering on his removal from office is another red flag. 
  • Failure to support the Second Amendment and to Back the Blue are the clear and present danger of a RINO.
  • If the candidate doesn’t know what “Let’s Go Brandon” means, then walk away.

We can still remain very optimistic for 2022, but it is our job to flush out the RINOs in the primaries next year. 

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