The Fog of Biden

If you don’t like the weather in New England, Mark Twain once said, just wait five minutes.

Same thing with the balloon story – if you don’t like the current explanation, just wait five minutes.

Asked on Sunday if it could be aliens “traversing” the nation’s skies, one general said that he had “not ruled out anything.”

On Monday an admiral contradicted the general, saying, “I don’t think the American people need to worry about aliens.”

On Saturday, a senator from Montana was told by the Pentagon that the military had detected a radar “blip” and thus had decided to shut down civilian air space.

Then NORAD said, Never mind, it’s nothing.

On Sunday, Sen. Chuck Schumer said the objects shot down on Friday and Saturday were balloons.

The next day, the Secretary of Defense said, “I want to be very clear. The three objects taken down this weekend are very different than what we were talking about last week.”

You’ve heard of the fog of war? This is the fog of Biden.

This is the same administration that wanted to set up a secret office to fight “disinformation.” All of the above statements cannot be true. So is this not a massive case of disinformation being purveyed to the American people?

Every week there’s another disaster or two or three – sometimes tragic, on other occasions merely farcical. So far Biden’s balloon bamboozle looks like the later, but who knows for sure?

It was left to Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s below-average press secretary, to address the larger questions on MSNBC. She was asked why the US had shot down… something… over Canada.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“Because it’s part of uh NORAD there is NORAD is part of like a a a part of it’s a it’s a what you call a coalition… Again we didn’t do it on our own we did in uh in uh we did it in in in in step with Canadia.”

Canadia. That’s what she said, Canadia. She went to Columbia University, you know. Same Ivy League college as Barack Obama, by the way. She also recently mentioned the counsel her boss is getting from winners of the Nobel prize, which she pronounced “Noble.”

Almost every movie you’ve ever seen about an invasion from outer space – or even about nuclear war – features a feckless, dithering US president. Think Jack Nicholson in “Mars Attack.”

But Biden makes Nicholson look like Abraham Lincoln. He’s been MIA on this whole thing, which is not to say that he doesn’t know a lot about the problems of outer space and alien invasions.

Two of his favorite series to binge on when he’s watching MeTV are Lost in Space and My Favorite Martian.

As her boss savors his Swanson TV dinner in front of the rabbit-eared White House TV set (is it a Philco or an Admiral?), KJP continues to reassure the American people that this is not War of the Worlds.

To repeat, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

“There is no indication,” she said, “of aliens or terrestrial activity with these recent takedowns.”

Neither alien nor terrestrial? That’s what she told the White House corps. So then who could possibly be responsible for these… objects?


Certainly it can’t be an act of God, not in this administration, in which the FBI is targeting Catholics who attend Latin Mass.

So we are left with the question: when will we find out who is responsible for these balloons, or objects, or octagonal or hexagonal whatever-these-damn-things are?

The Air Force general – his name is Glen VanHerck, not Buck Turgidson or Jack D. Ripper – is the guy who said he couldn’t rule out a Plan 9 from Outer Space alien-invasion incident.

But he didn’t want to go out on a limb.

“I’ll let the intel community and the counter-intelligence community figure that out.”

Oh, you mean the same corrupt, incompetent Democrats who told us that the Russian collusion hoax wasn’t a hoax? Who informed us that the Hunter Biden laptop, which was real, wasn’t real? Who told us about Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan, or that Brett Kavanaugh ran a date-rape gang, or that Border Patrol agents whipped Haitian illegals, or that Officer Sicknick was murdered by “insurrectionists,” or that if you get vaccinated you won’t get COVID, or….

You get the drift.

Okay, so the Deep State lies, a lot. This time, though they’re telling the truth. My word as a Biden. Just like at the State of the Union address last week, when Dementia Joe assured the nation, “Inflation is coming down… Food inflation is coming down.”

No, actually, it’s not. The latest monthly numbers, released yesterday, showed that prices had risen “unexpectedly” higher than Brandon had predicted. Oh yes, and that alleged decline in the December numbers that got such big headlines – never mind. The real number has been… adjusted, to an increase. The headlines for that correction are non-existent.

Bottom line, since Biden became president the Consumer Price Index is up 15.4 percent.

When Brandon was installed as president, the inflation rate was 1.4 percent.

“Inflation,” Biden said last week, “has fallen every month for the last six months while take home pay has gone up.”

But not as much as prices have gone up, 22 months in a row.

Prices up, balloons down, or something.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pour myself a ginger ale. Canadia Dry.

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