The Day After – Tweet Beat -11.4.20


First off, let me just say this loud and clear, IT IS NOT OVER.

I don’t care if your dentist says it over or your aunt from Cambridge says its over– drown out the noise my friends. This fight is FAR from over.

Next up, just a small reminder that politics is dirty and messy and at times gut-wrenching. But don’t forget to have hope, to laugh and to eat some chocolate. Life is crazy but I promise you– it goes on. One way or another.

So let’s dive into some of my favorite post-election tweets.

The real takeaways from last night…

Also…polls suck. I mean like, they REALLY suck.

Senator Collins lives to fight another day!

The Battle has begun.

Feeling skeptical of Dems ethics? Good. You’re paying attention.

There is going to some major updates in the next few days.

Stay strong, stay hopeful and pray!

— Grace

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