The curious case of ‘A.J.’ Baker

Happy Father’s Day, Gov. Charlie Baker!

What a great dad he is — just ask his 26-year-old son Andrew James “A.J.” Baker.

For almost exactly two years, the governor’s State Police have not said anything about the embarrassing report of his son’s alleged “inappropriate touching” of a young woman on a JetBlue flight from D.C. to Logan in June 2018.

Not only that, but somehow “somebody” also made sure that the case was not prosecuted through the usual channels, by the Suffolk County district attorney, but was instead sent to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Can someone shout, “White privilege!”

Familial loyalty — it’s something for the Baker clan to reflect on today as they relax in their mansion in Swampscott. After all, they certainly won’t be going out for dinner since all state restaurants remain closed for indoor dining this Father’s Day per dictatorial order of the man Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker.”

A.J. Baker’s alleged sexual assault on Flight 1354 was so serious that the pilot told the State Police he considered diverting the flight to JFK Airport in New York to get Baker off the plane.

That’s what usually happens when a 29-year-old woman in Seat 18C suddenly jumps up and starts screaming at the governor’s son next to her in 18D:

“Don’t do that! Don’t do that!”

Let’s go over the MSP report, with a few quotes from the victim, the witnesses and the flight attendants:

“The female was visibly upset … alleged sexual assault … (she) was visibly shaken and was in an emotional state … she informed me that during the flight she had been touched inappropriately by BAKER …. went on to specify that BAKER had groped her right breast … ”

And what was the defense of the governor’s son?

“The male party sitting in seat 18D said it was OK because she was his sister’s best friend and motioned toward seat 18B.”

The flight attendant also took statements from one (of several) witnesses as well as the victim.

“After receiving these statements (flight attendant) said she provided BAKER with a Jet Blue Yellow Notice (Notice to Cease Objectionable and Illegal Behavior) …  To which BAKER stated, ‘Did I do something wrong?’”

The case has never been prosecuted. On Friday, the governor was again asked about the case.

“You’d have to take that up with the U.S. Attorney,” he sniffed, and of course, the G-men will neither confirm nor deny blah-blah-blah.

They all want you to believe that the feds handle all such airline cases.

That is just plain nonsense. In 2011, for example, F Troop staties lugged a Utah man off a Delta flight that landed at Logan. He was charged with possession of child pornography on the flight.

The State Police didn’t tell that suspect to go home, the way they did with A.J.

Utah Man was arrested, and bail was set at $150,000 — by Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley, who seven years later was still the DA when A.J. Baker’s JetBlue case landed at Logan.

Conley is now a lobbyist.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

So what do you suppose would happen to you if you did what A.J. Baker was accused of? Consider the Orwellian consequences for passengers on commercial flights these days who merely refuse to wear “masks.”

United Airlines this week announced anyone who will not comply with the Mask Police will be placed on an “internal travel restriction list.” An airline lobbying group announced that henceforward there will be “appropriate consequences for passengers who are found to be in noncompliance.”

And you can bet that Tall Deval totally supports those draconian measures!

If this case were any more outrageous, A.J. could be charged with impersonating a Kennedy.

As the new DA of Suffolk County, Rachael Rollins, said last year: “Candidly, not everyone gets the benefit of the Baker family when they have interacted with the criminal justice system. They didn’t get to not get arrested, have the State Police that reports to them handle the investigation, etc.”

Most people get treated more like … Utah Man.

Another well-known character had a son named A.J. — Tony Soprano, the TV gangster.

Here were Tony Soprano’s thoughts to his son A.J., which are appropriate this Father’s Day:

“Let me tell you something, A.J. I don’t care how close you are, in the end your friends will let you down. Family, they’re the only ones you can depend on!”

Remember that, A.J. Your dad will always be there for you when you get jammed up at the airport — at least as long as you wear a mask, I mean, face covering.

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