The cracked ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ between Biden and state-run media

Where is April Ryan or Jim Acosta when you really need them?

“A gentlemen’s agreement” — that’s what the ruling Democrat oligarchy and their state-run media have had in place for years to shamefully suppress any real reporting of Joe Biden’s senility.

This is not some MAGA deplorable stating the obvious. That is the assessment of a New York Times reporter — a Democrat operative with a press pass, in other words.

The Democrat apparatchik’s name is Astead Herndon, and this is what Comrade Herndon wrote of his Dear Leader’s glaringly obvious impairment and its significance:

“Polling says so. Voters say so. It’s just the WH/DC have had a sorta gentlemen’s agreement for the last year to pretend like it’s not. Maybe that ends now.”

Not if the commissars running your newspaper have anything to say, or not say, about it. They, and probably you, want desperately to continue the gentlemen’s agreement to never mention his dementia, or to use alt-left media’s preferred euphemism, “age.”

“Gentlemen’s Agreement” is the name of a classic 1947 movie about anti-Semitism in polite society, a dirty little secret from an earlier time. It won three Oscars that year.

There’s a saying that, in Washington, a “gaffe” is when somebody accidentally tells the truth. I think what we have here with the admission of a new “gentlemen’s agreement” is a classic D.C. gaffe.

To go further, there is a converse to this particular gentlemen’s agreement. Just as the limousine liberals and parlor pinks of ruling-class media have taken a solemn vow to lie to protect Joe Biden, the converse is to never tell the truth about Donald Trump.

Think about the endless stream of breathtaking falsehoods they’ve peddled about Trump — Russian collusion hoax, the bogus Ukrainian and Georgia phone calls, the “insurrection,” the fake quotes about “suckers and losers” and “very fine people,” etc. etc. etc.

They knew it was all BS, and they still ran with the nonsense anyway. It was a gentlemen’s agreement — to get Trump.

Maybe the cozy arrangement among the various pampered Democrat trust-funders, legacies and DEI box-checkers has finally broken down. How else to explain Biden’s refusal to go on CBS “News” for the traditional wet tongue bath during the Super Bowl today?

That slobber fest would have been handled by 60 Minutes — the holiest shrine of Very Fake News. It would have been on tape, with all of Biden’s drooling left on the cutting-room floor.

But Biden’s care-givers said no. So maybe, if you’ve lost the Dan Rather-trained CBS fraudsters who fabricated military memos in a desperate attempt to rig a presidential election, you’ve lost… the gentlemen’s agreement.

For years now, I’ve been running a monthly column chronicling Biden’s senility. It’s not that difficult, as long as I have enough Excedrin to ease the headache pain of transcribing his demented gibberish.

The RNC routinely tweets out video of Biden’s most appalling gaffes. You can even pick up a lot from the official White House transcripts. Even the most ruthless totalitarian states can only keep the lid on the truth for so long.

As recently as Tuesday, the gentlemen’s agreement was still in place. Biden was incoherently babbling to alleged reporters about the Gaza War. In one of his typical brain freezes, Dementia Joe forgot the name of “Hamas,” until one of the press apparatchiks came to his aid.

As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“There is some movement, and I don’t wanna… I don’t wanna… Let me choose my words. There’s some movement, there’s been a response from the opposition but um… ”

Dead silence in the scrum. Nobody said anything. Tick, tick, tick…

Biden was slack jawed. He had that 1,000-yard stare like a legless Democrat state rep from Worcester County. No way Brandon could have recited the alphabet backwards. After several awkward moments of silence, one of the White House hagiographers finally threw him a lifeline:

“Hamas?” the Democrat stenographer said.

“Yes,” Biden gasped. “I’m sorry, from Hamas.”

Thursday night, during his hastily-scheduled press conference, he said that “El-Sisi” was the president, not of Egypt, but of Mexico. I kept waiting for one of the state-run media fluffers to bail him out, as always. But for the first time ever, nobody stepped up to do The Party’s bidding.

Where is April Ryan or Jim Acosta when you really need them?

Maybe it was because it was on live TV in what used to be called “prime time.” Or perhaps it was because he’d just been screaming at his cheerleaders — at one point when one of the sob sisters asked him about the concerns about his “age,” he started yelling:

“That is your judgment! That is not the judgment of the press!”

Er, Joe, that little cupcake is “the press.” Or what passes for it in 2024.

How do you know the gentlemen’s agreement has broken down? When Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen don’t automatically bail Biden out and lie for him — or at least not as much.

Like most people, I’ve had relatives end up in nursing homes. I had an aunt once who used to recount her conversations with Jimmy Carter, because she’d watched him on TV earlier that day in the sun room.

The difference between my Aunt Helen then and Joe Biden now is that Jimmy Carter was alive (and still is) when she thought she had been talking to him. Last week Joe Biden said he’d been talking to two European leaders who are… dead.

Biden sees more dead people than Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense.

Last week, at a fundraiser in New York, he said that “the existential threat” to the planet was what he called “the environment.”

A couple of minutes later, he said the existential threat to the planet was… Donald Trump.

I was going to do my monthly All-Dialogue-Guaranteed-Verbatim column today, and now I’m out of space and I haven’t gotten to much of it.

I didn’t even mention his promise at an appearance in Las Vegas last week to spend $3 billion on a train “to take you from here to Las Vegas.”

From Las Vegas to Las Vegas, at a cost of just $3 billion? May we quote you on that, Mr. President?

Thursday night, after making el-Sisi president of Mexico, he recounted how last October, “in the very beginning, right after right before Hamas attacked.”

They were concerned, he continued, about “their archenemy to the northwest northeast I should say.”

Hey, I got a million of ‘em! I always do. As the old jingle on my radio station used to say when it played Top 40, “Ladies and gentlemen, the hits just keep on comin’!”

I’ll give you a full Weekend at Brandon’s column next week. That’s my gentlemen’s agreement with you.

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