The Case for Deaton is Simple: Get Warren Out

Our U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is like a cicada bug. Instead of showing up every 17 years, she pops up on the Massachusetts scene every sixth year when she is up for re-election.

Her latest attempt to con us into thinking that she cares about her constituents is by going after food corporations for price gouging.

She has filed the “Shrinkflation Prevention Act.”

Isn’t that priceless?

Like President Joe Biden, Warren believes that Big Food is ripping us off.

Therefore, we can conclude she is an inflation denier.

Warren contends that it is wrong for companies to sell smaller sizes without lowering the price on the products.

She doesn’t appear to understand that the cost for manufacturing has increased, so this is one way companies are supplying a product, albeit smaller, at the same price.

Moreover, I must assume that she has not been to a grocery store lately because the weight of every product is listed on the box. That’s the way it’s been… forever.

Hence, there is no deception. Like everyone else, these corporations are merely trying to survive the ruinous inflation brought on by Bidenomics.

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to figure out why food prices have skyrocketed since January 2021.

But in case she doesn’t know, here’s a cheat sheet for her:

On Day One after his installation as president, Biden ended our country’s energy independence, which forced us to once again rely upon foreign oil imports.

And that in turn sent fuel prices through the roof.

How do food products get to stores? How do they get manufactured? How is the fertilizer that farmers use to get higher yields produced?

The answer to all the above is, Fossil fuels.

In this case, two plus two does equal four.

Warren also believes that sky-high price of gas is the result of price gouging by Big Oil.  She is a woke conspiracy theorist!

At this point, we should all understand why Warren is doing this. She is up for re-election and she faces a tough opponent in John Deaton, who did pull himself up by his bootstraps. Unlike the fake Indian, he did not lie and fraudulently box-check his way to success. 

Warren has had another six years to do something for Massachusetts. She has failed. Has she secured the federal funds to rebuild the Cape bridges?


Can anyone name a single thing she has done – successfully, anyway? (Running for president and finishing third in the primary of your current state of residence doesn’t count.) 

With the illegal-alien crisis in Massachusetts, we constantly hear from Gov. Maura Healey how the federal government is not sending the funding to pay for their cradle-to-grave welfare.

Isn’t it Warren’s job to get us those billions for all the undocumented Democrats flopping throughout the Commonwealth?

Yes, it is.

So even Healey, who is one of the worst governors in the history of our state, is pointing the finger at Warren for not doing her job. 

Let’s show Warren some real shrinkflation at the polls by voting for Deaton. He is not an inflation denier.

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