The Big Gaslight

For the past three and a half years, Americans have been gaslighted – lied to — by Democratic operatives and members of the national media. We have been told that, despite his endless gaffes, inadequacies and failed policies, President Biden is sharp as a tack and completely competent behind closed doors.

Although I actively work in politics, I like to take people at their word and expect that political professionals are acting in good faith. On the local level here in Massachusetts, I’ve found that most are, including members of the media. However, like most Americans, I have become disillusioned with the antics of the communications apparatus surrounding the DNC and the Biden Administration.

It’s one thing to spin a narrative—that’s part of the game. It’s another thing to blatantly gaslight Americans into thinking what they’re seeing on TV, in newspapers, and online just isn’t true.

Democrats like to accuse Republicans of spreading misinformation and disinformation. But I have watched as top political leaders in the Democratic Party and national news pundits look directly into the camera and tell Americans that not only is what they’re seeing is wrong, but their belief that President Biden is in decline is also off-base. To believe otherwise, they claim, means you are swept up in populist and inappropriate delusion.

Unfortunately for Democratic leaders and pundits, they couldn’t deny the obvious truth after the debate—a fact everyone had long instinctively known but were told was wrong to believe: President Biden is not cognitively fit to be the President of the United States.

As an American, that is not something I want to say out loud. Despite the fact that I completely disagree with the majority of President Biden’s policies and the way he is leading our nation, I want to believe that my President is mentally fit for the job.

I want to believe that he is able to do what he thinks is the right thing for me and the country. It’s not a matter of policy; it’s truly a matter of ability.

After the debate on Thursday, I watched as political operatives and left-leaning pundits finally admitted that President Biden is clearly not in the right state of mind to be the President of the United States. What was more shocking than Democrats admitting to that fact was their feigned surprise by Biden’s performance.

The fact of the matter is, this was an open secret. Democrats have always known about Biden’s mental infirmity, but they believed the lies they told themselves— self-delusions, the worst kind of lies.

They believed somehow, some way, President Biden was going to be able to hold it together to a level that average Americans would buy into. He did not. And Democrats had no choice but to acknowledge it.

This begs the question, what else have Democrats on the national stage and left-leaning news pundits gaslighted Americans into believing? We know that the Steele Dossier was a lie and that garnered headlines for years. Some gullible Americans spent half of Trump’s term anxious over whether the president was colluding with Russia. Everyone now knows (or should) that wasn’t true.

Republicans are often accused of spreading misinformation. However, Americans have repeatedly caught Democrats at the national level doing exactly that. Democrats have proven that they’re willing to lie, sacrifice the mental and financial health of American citizens, and divide us to further their political efforts. They’re willing to gaslight Americans into believing what they see with their own eyes isn’t real. It’s important for us as a nation to take notice.

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