Thank a Biden voter today for setting new record, $5 gas for the first time

On election day 2020 the price was $2.10 a gallon.

Thank a Biden voter today — the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline hit $5 yesterday for the first time ever in the US.

On election day 2020 the price was $2.10 a gallon.

On the day Dementia Joe Biden was installed as president, the price had already climbed to $2.39 a gallon. Because Big Oil knew full well that the inmates were about to regain control of the asylum.

A year ago, the price had skyrocketed to $3.07. Just a week ago, it was $4.81.

On Friday, Dementia Joe Biden doddered up to a microphone at the Port of Los Angeles and reassured the American people:

“Today I’d like to speak about my top priority: fighting inflation.”

This was an hour or so after his own regime admitted that inflation is raging at its worst level since December 1981 — 8.6 percent. And by the way, does anyone believe that’s the real number? It’s a lot worse than that, and everyone knows it, even the Democrats’ low-info voters.

“We’ve never seen anything like Putin’s tax on both food and gas.”

Putin’s tax? Which Congressional district was Vladimir elected from?

In the fall of 2020, when gas prices in much of the country were still under $2 a gallon, President Trump presciently warned voters:

“If Biden got in, you’d be paying $7, $8, $9. Then they’d say, ‘Get rid of your car.’”

Which is exactly what a Democrat senator from Michigan said last week, bragging about her new EV. If you can’t afford $5 a gallon, just spend $60,000 on a new Tesla. That’s moonbat math.

Don’t forget — Biden promised during the campaign to get rid of all fossil fuels. But that’s okay, because earlier last week he outlined his dreams for the Green New Deal.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“We have you know one of seven of all the changes that have taken place in terms of solar wind and wind pumps I mean uh pumps and like have occurred in the last 18 months.”

Solar wind? What an amazing new technology! And wind pumps too. This was after his new press secretary — who brags that she’s a black lesbian immigrant — went on state-run television and said that Biden was releasing “one million barrels per month” from the strategic petroleum reserve.

Not a million barrels a day. A million barrels a month.

At the Port of Los Angeles Friday, Brandon introduced some four-star general that he’s put in charge of something or other.

“He’s helped us identify and get ahead of the challenges that raise that arise at our ports.”

This general, Brandon bragged, has great experience in transportation, involving “tens of millions of billions of tons of things to move.”

May we quote you on that, Mr. President?

This photo op was taking place as the stock market was crashing another 880 points. But don’t worry. Brandon feels your pain.

“People who are feeling not knowing where they’re going not knowing how to respond not knowing how to act …”

Present company excluded of course, right, Mr. President?

As always, he just lies about everything, knowing that he will never be “fact-checked” by, say, the Washington Post, which reported on Nov. 12, 2020 that there was absolutely no danger of gasoline prices spiraling out of control just because a dementia patient was about to be installed as president.

“Experts say these fears are overblown.”

Can we quote you on that, Washington Post?

In another economic report issued Friday, the government reported that Americans’ real income — after inflation — is down 3% over the last year, with most of the decline coming in the last few months, as the regime repeals one sane Trump-era policy after another.

“Since I took office families are carrying less debt on average in America. They have more savings than they’ve had.”

Where’s the Disinformation Governance Board on that whopper? How about this one?

“For example we began by lowering the cost of high-speed internet because what y’all did dealing with the uh uh with uh the the infrastructure bill working with the service providers we cut the price and rise and raised the speed.”

Has your internet-service bill gone down?

I’ve been on the road in northern New England the past couple of days. In Maine, there’s a joke that the only crime that’s down this year is arson — because nobody can afford to buy enough gasoline to torch a building.

What’s going to happen next winter? The price of home heating oil is already more than $6 a gallon. When the price gets this high — and it’s never been higher — poor people die. They freeze to death, they die of carbon monoxide poisoning, they’re burned to death in house fires trying to keep warm.

Does Brandon care? Hey, it’s just part of the fundamental transformation of America.

On Friday night, I was driving home when I noticed my gas tank was on empty. I pulled up to a self-serve station in Londonderry, N.H. The price was $4.99 a gallon — a bargain. I started pumping and a woman in a mini-van drove up next to me.

She got out of her vehicle, noticed the prices and then did a theatrical double take. She was wearing a mask, and so was her little kid, so I knew she was a member of the cult that’s ruining the country.

This Brandon voter threw her arms up in the air and shouted, through her Fauci face diaper, “That’s a lot!”

I should have asked her who she voted for. I should have told her that elections have consequences, and that stolen elections have — oh, never mind. But I just bit my tongue and stared at my own pump and considered the final damage — $61.

Thank you, Brandon!

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