Teen Girls Have Never Been Sadder. Are We Surprised?

This week, the New York Times reported record levels of “persistent sadness” among teenage girls, with rates higher in the past decade than ever seen before.

Here’s a real gender gap for you. Feelings of hopelessness in teen girls were double the rate of boys. One of every three teen girls contemplated suicide in 2021.

Yes, these statistics are alarming in and of themselves. But what surprised me is how few have made the seemingly obvious connection between that New York Times headline and another put out by the Washington Examiner the same day:

“Mother or Egg Donor? Researchers Campaign for ‘Inclusive Terminology’ in Science.”

Disclaimer: Multiple degrees in gender studies might blind some from what is apparent to the normal reader.

The headline hones in on a widespread, radical theme pushed by The Science, elitist academia, and the mainstream media, one that has been ever more widely promoted over the past decade.

What makes a woman a woman is systematically being erased culturally and stifled physically.

The teenaged girl is already experiencing the peak period of self-consciousness as she grows into an adult human female. Now she is being lectured that femininity is a social construct, fertility is a weakness, and that to stare at a computer screen under fluorescent lightbulbs 40 hours per week for the next 60 years is every woman’s goal.

As soon as her doctor can convince her (or her parent), she is handed a daily prescription to flood her system with hormones to trick her body into thinking she’s pregnant on a monthly basis, sending her into a drastic sinusoidal cycle of emotional ups and downs.

The point of the pill? To “pause” fertility.

Meanwhile, she’ll be indoctrinated by mass media promoting the twenties as a wild and meaningless daze. She’ll believe she should wait to settle down until at least 30 —surely her biological clock will be ticking, but there’s plenty more ingestible hormonal medication to solve that later on.

If she has children—two at most, to mitigate climate change, of course—she should stick them in daycare as soon as possible so she can get back to the screens and fluorescent lightbulbs.

Last June, several large corporations let her know publicly they’d actually prefer their employed women not to have children. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Urban Outfitters, and many-a-cosmetic brand published statements offering to pay for abortions so women can get right back to work with minimum interruptions.

She’ll be reassured by (alleged) comedians like Chelsea Handler that it’s in fact a lot more fun to not have any children. Handler, now 47, had parents who forced her to abort her first child in high school. That, Handler now claims, set her on track for a life of coping and self-deprecating jokes involving the baby she is “so happy” she doesn’t have.


And don’t forget, if you buy into this New Science, real females should be referred to as “egg-producers” for the sake of inclusivity.

Ladies, wake up. To the Left, you are a mere machine. Egg production is your worst function, and climbing the corporate ladder is your ultimate end.

But even this twisted, remolded, sterile new image of womanhood isn’t even the worst of it. While not everyone can be an “egg-producer,” anyone can be a woman—so long as he feels like it. At any point and for any duration, just say the word and you, too, can experience “girlhood.”

If you disagree with any of the above ideology, you’re a “traitor” to your sex (or is it gender?) and a slave to your internalized misogyny. No one is safe from slurs—even far-left novelist J. K. Rowling.

Frankly, I’m surprised the New York Times dared to publish the results of such a bigoted, binary study.

The deletion of women isn’t confined to out-of-touch celebrities or obscure academic theory. It’s trickling down into local and grassroots divisions of society. Last month, Mayor Michelle Wu’s Boston Center for Youth and Family moved to eliminate the word “woman” from a community center event. Instead, there’d be open basketball for “men” and for “womxn” and “femme.”


The mayor of Boston is active in programming young girls into thinking they will grow up into a category that is perfectly undefinable and infinitely variable. They are told, in essence, that fertility is a disease, motherhood is a trap, and femininity only benefits men.

If that’s the case, then what is there to hope for as a developing teen girl?

Are you really surprised the next generation of women is experiencing record levels of sadness?

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