SVB Wokest to Brokest Bank Overnight

Where do I go to get my free money?

Why must you and I and millions of other Americans who work for a living bail out the Beautiful People who foolishly stashed their cash in Silicon Valley Bank?

Wasn’t the deal that you had to keep your balance under $250,000 to be protected by FDIC insurance?

I guess that rule wasn’t in effect if you were woke, a member of a protected class or contributed enough to Democrat fat cats, or all of the above.

Here’s how America works now. If a Democrat fat cat makes an investment and it pays off, he or she reaps the profits and sends a 10 percent kickback to the Big Guy.

If the Biden bundlers lose their shirts, they forward the unpaid bills to the taxpayers and flee on their private jets to Aspen or Palm Beach for a long weekend.

Why aren’t Bernie Sanders and the fake Indian complaining about this kind of “corporate welfare” for the Politically Correct?

Overnight, SVB went from America’s wokest bank to its brokest bank. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Just ask Disney, or Bed Bath and Beyond.

What if instead of being named after Silicon Valley, it had been the Permian Basin Bank, after that part of West Texas full of oil and Republicans? Would the PBB have been given a gold-plated instantaneous multi-billion-dollar handout?

I repeat, where do I go to get my bailout? I’m neither a MS 13 illegal, a Ukrainian, a deadbeat hippie nor gender-fluid so I guess I’m bleep out of luck.

I am so weary of paying for everybody else’s handouts, not to mention their shiftlessness and irresponsible behavior, while all the grifters with their dirty paws out lecture me on my moral failings.

All day Sunday, the Biden administration said there would be no bailout. Sunday night they announced a bailout. Monday morning, they blamed Donald J. Trump, just like they blamed him for the train derailment in East Palestine Ohio, neither of which he had anything to do with.

It’s all scams, all the time. The only ones who aren’t getting endless funds lavished upon them are the people in Ohio, and we all know why. Their county voted 72 percent for Trump. They’re deplorables, in other words. Bitter clingers.

This latest payoff to Democrats comes a week after Biden’s “budget,” which was nothing but more welfare.

The Democrats don’t call it welfare anymore, of course. They have various terms for it. Equity. Human infrastructure. Environmental justice communities. Sustainability.

Anything that includes the word “subsidies,” or “expanded,” or “childcare” – it’s welfare.

Here’s another one: “tax credits.” They invariably go to someone who’s not paying taxes, never has, and most likely never will – child-care tax credits, or earned-income tax credits, which under truth-in-lending regulations would be called unearned welfare non-tax credits.

In the narrative of the Brandon budget, somebody totaled up the words – equity was mentioned 63 times, transgender 8, queer 7. The word border was used a mere four times, fentanyl twice.

Now the welfare-industrial complex is complaining about the end of increased food stamps as the Panic hysteria subsides. One reason the Democrats said the higher payoffs needed to continue was because so many layabouts have gotten fat that they need extra SNAP benefits to keep them in Doritos and Ho Ho’s which would provide “sufficient energy to support current weight status.”

The Globe did the pro forma story about the non-working classes devastated by the latest cuts in welfare benefits. Naturally they went to Chelsea, where they found a 44-year-old woman who’s seen her monthly food-stamp dole drop from $983 to $401 a month. She was wondering how she could feed herself, her mother, her two daughters and three grandchildren.

No mention was made of her husband, father, or sons-in-law.

Another “single mother” from Chelsea was quoted as saying, “It makes me cry. They are not giving the amount you need.”

She said this in Spanish. However, there was one Spanish word missing from the Globe story – trabajo. It means job.

Everybody’s living large on the arm, even a lot of native-born American citizens. Because there’s nobody minding the store. Where were the bank regulators when SVB’s wokesters, instead of running the bank, were virtue-signaling at what they called safe spaces for diversity and touting themselves as role models for queer youth and mentors for “migrants?”

No one remembers him now, but Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. was the patriarch of what became briefly the First Family. When he graduated from Harvard College, he became a state bank examiner – because he wanted to learn first-hand how financial institutions worked.

Do you think any modern bank examiners, state or federal, care about learning anything about the industry? Not like in the old days. Probably Joe Kennedy couldn’t even get hired today anymore, for obvious reasons. Equity.

Look at all the pandemic fraud. Hundreds of billions of dollars stolen. Make the SVB flim-flam look like a five-and-dime shoplifter. The greatest amount of fraud was in California, with the state’s Employment Development Department (EDD).

As the Panic began, EDD suspended eligibility requirements. Guess what happened. Just in 2020, $11.4 billion was stolen. A rapper named Nuke Bizzle posted a rap video called EDD, including the lyrics, “I done got rich off EDD… Ten cards, I’m swiping 10K a day. Countin’ up bills like a CPA.”

I mention this because the woman who ran EDD in California was just nominated to replace Marty Walsh as secretary of labor. Her last name is Su so I guess those are all the qualifications she needed. Equity.

Where do I go to get my handout?

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