Supreme Court’s Roe decision gives Left ‘victims’ best weekend of their lives

Everyone on the Left has but one ultimate aspiration — to be officially recognized as a victim.

Everyone on the Left has but one ultimate aspiration — to be officially recognized as a victim.

That’s why, despite all their wailing and gnashing of teeth, this is the best weekend of their lives for many of these lunatics.

After the 6-3 decision by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, they can now all run around with their purple hair on fire claiming the most exalted status of all — victimhood.

It doesn’t matter how big your trust fund is. You don’t have to worry about being busted for checking the wrong box — like, say, the fake Indian was. Now everyone gets to claim they’re a victim, at least if they’re a woman, er, I mean, a menstruating person.

The riots they’d promised Friday night turned out to be nothing much, I suppose because Molotov cocktails have become prohibitively expensive since Brandon has more than doubled the price of gasoline.

But did you notice that what disturbances did take place mostly occurred in ruined blue states that already have, and will continue to have, abortion-on-demand laws on the books?

As with 99% of the limousine liberals’ other temper tantrums, this latest outrage du jour will not personally affect them in the slightest. The Beautiful People do not live in, say, Missouri or Alabama. And even that handful who do will not be prohibited from crossing state lines to terminate their unborn child’s life.

But reality is not the point, is it? What’s happening this weekend is deranged Democrats never letting a good opportunity to virtue-signal go to waste.

Now they have a new reason to pretend that they’re all in mortal peril. They have a new bogeyman — actually, six of them, the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Finally, it’s not some mythical white supremacist or bitter clinger that they can be terrified of. It’s actual flesh-and-blood human beings, who live in the same upscale neighborhoods as the wokerati.

Did you notice how quickly the pink-hatted rent-a-mobs mobilized on Friday morning? Outside the State House in Boston they assembled almost as quickly as the shameless failed governor of Massachusetts issued his pandering press release moaning that he was, yet again, “deeply disappointed.”

Now the perpetually outraged can reset their social media profile pictures — those gold-and-blue Ukrainian flags are just so … March. And let’s face it, Jan. 6 is a total non-starter.

Speaking of insurrections, didn’t you get a whiff of it on state-run media Friday? Talk about insurrectionist rhetoric. The comrades were tossing around words like “illegitimate,” “rigged” and “extremist.” Some goateed hipster even coined the phrase “minoritarian” to describe the court.

Remember, the courts are only illegitimate if the Democrats don’t get their way. If the fellow travelers win, it’s … settled law.

AOC shrieked, “People will die because of this decision,” apparently unaware that death is, after all, the point of an abortion.

“Abort this court!” they howled. What if the Proud Boys had chanted that? Cue the outrage. Such incendiary rhetoric would be denounced as … an existential threat to democracy. An attempted coup. Sedition. Hate speech. Fomenting insurrection.

But these insurrectionists in their Napa Valley estates, their gated communities and their mansions on the Vineyard need never worry about a pre-dawn no-knock raid by the FBI.

They won’t be canceled, or fired from their law firms, or stripped of their blue check marks. Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.

The wokesters were so angry that they threw some of yesterday’s heroines under the bus. Rep. Liz Cheney tweeted out her support for SCOTUS — she’s now more persona non grata than Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The mob even turned on the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Why didn’t she just retire before she expired? This is all her fault! The terrorist group Ruth Sent Us is now officially defunct.

This is how it always plays out with cults and totalitarian movements. In the end, they invariably eat their own.

The most hypocritical statements are coming from the most “devout Catholics.”

“American women today,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “have less freedom than their mothers.”

Which means what, exactly? That young women who were fortunate enough not to have been aborted now have less freedom to abort their own daughters (or sons) than their mothers had to kill them with impunity? Can we quote you on that, Madame Speaker?

Dementia Joe Biden, the president, was pro-life for decades before he was pro-abortion. Now he’s devastated about the overturning of what he’s called “Woe We Wade.”

On Friday he twice said that the court had stripped women, er, chest-feeders, of a constitutional right that isn’t mentioned in the Constitution.

Biden also railed that letting states decide the abortion issue is “so extreme that doctors will be criminalized for fulfilling their duty to care.”

This from the same devout Catholic who was part of an administration that fought for almost a decade to compel the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for their employees’ morning-after abortion-inducing drugs — against their own religious beliefs.

Oddly, none of these constitutional scholars seem to grasp the concept of federalism — that unless something is enumerated in the Constitution, it’s left to the states to regulate.

For instance, it’s generally easier to obtain a building permit in Florida than in Massachusetts. Just as it’s simpler to incorporate in Delaware than anywhere else — how do you think the Bidens made their millions before Hunter began grabbing the real big bucks for himself and the Big Guy in Ukraine, Red China and Putin’s Russia?

To cite another example, until 1973, if you were a teenager in Massachusetts, you had to go to New York to have a legal drink. Take my word for it. Different states have … different laws. That’s the way it’s always been, snowflakes.

The only thing the moonbats haven’t done this weekend is wear sackcloth and ashes, but then, that would require some familiarity with the Bible. And they know as little about religion as they do about the Constitution.

Tough luck, moonbats. Let me just repeat what you always tell us when you win:

It’s settled law.

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