Student loan debt ‘Fresh Start’ really just Democrat ‘Free Ride’

Stand by for the next multi-billion-dollar Democrat scam handout to their deadbeat comrades: More student loan “forgiveness.”

Stand by for the next multi-billion-dollar Democrat scam handout to their deadbeat comrades:

More student loan “forgiveness.”

Dementia Joe Biden’s care-givers are slow-walking this latest grift — ten grand here and ten grand there. Spread it out over tens of millions of goldbricks living in mom’s basement and eventually it’ll be piling close to $2 trillion more on the deficit.

This is probably the week the next round of handouts is announced, because the date repayments are supposed to resume is fast approaching — Aug. 31.

So we are already being told that the card-carrying fellow travelers are about to have their “moratorium” extended, and/or maybe have another $10,000 in debt just wiped off the books.

Some outlets are saying one new flim-flam for everybody who majored in transgender folk art with a minor in queer studies at the local community college will be called “Fresh Start.”

In truth, “Fresh Start” will be a “Free Ride.”

It always is with these Democrats.

Remember, Brandon has informed us that the economy is totally back. There is no recession. There is no inflation.

But now we will be told that you can’t ask these poor youngsters — many of whom are pushing 40 —  to meet their contractual obligations because the economy is in ruins.

They use this scam over and over again.

For another example, the COVID panic is over. Forget the fact that four times as many Americans are dead under Brandon’s watch than Trump’s, it was the Democrats stopped the Wuhan Flu.

And never mind that the CDC has now admitted that all its insane lockdowns, masks, social distancing, contact tracing, etc. were absurd and counterproductive — that obvious concession is merely a precaution in case Republicans take over Congress and demand hearings into the catastrophic Democrat policies.

Fauci, Walensky et al. can shrug their shoulders and say this is all … old news.

But despite the fact that it’s Mission Accomplished in Brandon’s COVID wonderland, they have extended the COVID “emergency.” That’s so that they can continue the higher welfare payments to their shiftless Democrat constituents.

Do you see how this works? Tell the low-info voters everything is fine, but keep the emergencies officially going, so the welfare giveaways can continue.

They’ve already “forgiven” about $30 billion in student loans. So far the amnesty program has boiled down to the fact that you can expect a wink and a nod if you’re a protected class, i.e., a Democrat who’s addicted to handouts. Naturally those in “public service” are first in line to bang the tin cup.

This is why the campaign for more so-called forgiveness is being led by the likes of the fake Indian and Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a member of the Squad.

This must be a very important issue, for our local Democrat grandees to take time out from campaigning for their newest hero, Ricardo Arroyo, who is running for district attorney in Suffolk County on what amounts to a defund-the-police platform.

I wonder why Arroyo seems so opposed to enforcing the laws against certain types of crime. Maybe someday he can explain this hostility to the police to the voters, along with how he happened to end up with a GED instead of graduating from high school.

Members of Congress, as you know, are paid $174,000 a year, in addition to other mega-perks like basically paying no federal income taxes. Yet the likes of AOC and Ilhan Omar, the America-hating Somali-born Democrat from Minnesota, are each demanding to be allowed to walk away from between $15,000 and $50,000 in student loans.

Of course the loans aren’t really “forgiven.” This is just another example of Democrat Newspeak. It just means that the working classes will now be on the hook for millionaire pampered pukes like AOC and Ilhan Omar.

Every last hippie who got a student loan signed a legally binding document to repay the money. Now they want to walk away from their responsibilities — again.

These stoners who majored in gender-fluid basket-weaving say they need the money more than the people who work for a living.

Dude, do you know how much the price of weed has gone up? Tattoos? Forty ouncers? It’s a bummer, totally.

The amount of student-loan debt out there is around $1.6 trillion, which is close to the same amount that Americans owe on their car loans.

Yet I don’t see any Democrats demanding that the MAGA-hat-wearing deplorables in flyover country be forgiven the loans on their F-150’s.

Why not give people who actually work — as opposed to “advocates” and sustainability coordinators at non-profits — a break on, say, their credit-card payments?

The student deadbeats say they were defrauded by colleges telling them they could benefit from their degrees. But isn’t that why people buy a new car, or clothes they don’t need, or take vacations they can’t afford — they think their lives will improve if they just buy something above their means?

Why do only Democrats get reparations for buying stupid things?

While we’re at it, how about some “forgiveness” for Americans, for mortgage payments, or real-estate taxes, or child support, or alimony? How about cable bills, or club memberships?

The Democrats figure if they give yet another handout to their deadbeats before the mid-terms, the college boys will get off mom’s couch and put down the bong long enough to vote for their benefactors.

But what about the 300 million Americans who weren’t stupid enough to take out loans they couldn’t repay in order to take stupid courses at worthless woke colleges?

How do you think everyone who either didn’t go to college or who paid their own way is going to feel about next week’s latest trillion-dollar-plus income redistribution from the productive to the parasites?

There’s an old Latin expression which these flim-flam frat boys never learned in their classes on advanced Third World cross-dressing at Whatsamatta U.

Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

That’s another ancient lesson out the window in Brandon’s America.

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