Stop Pampering Dzhokhar ‘the Joker’ Tsarnaev

If a life sentence to “Supermax” is so horrible, then why is Muslim terrorist Dzhokhar “the Joker” Tsarnaev appealing his death sentence?

Especially since the fiend is allegedly such a devout Muslim — why isn’t he begging the infidels to execute him, so he can be on his way to Paradise to collect those 72 virgins that the Koran promises all terrorists?

Actually, couldn’t you make the argument the Joker did his older brother Tamerlan a favor back in 2013 when he mistook him for a speedbump in Watertown and sent him to the Promised Land?

Every time one of these savages is handed a life sentence, we are informed how much worse it is to be rotting in prison – “punishment beyond the death penalty,” as the former warden at the Joker’s Rocky Mountain lockup said Thursday.  

Yet how many murderers on any Death Row, either federal or state, ever demand that their public defenders — because they always have public defenders — halt all appeals, in order to end their terrible daily punishment of three hots and a cot, not to mention a TV?

One in a hundred, maybe. Or is it one in a thousand?

He’s getting a lot better treatment than Whitey Bulger did. And Whitey Bulger was at least an American.

Plus, the Joker is such a nice young man, as the alt-left media has told us all along. He was a tousle-haired teen throb, Rolling Stone informed readers, not like those evil UVa frat boys they falsely accused of a gang rape.

The Joker was an All-American boy, a local host at National Panhandling Radio gushed.

The Globe told us how his welfare family of shiftless foreign layabouts was always short on money — maybe because none of them actually ever got a job, as busy as they were slaughtering Jewish drug dealers to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11, or using their EBT cards to buy pressure cookers to murder 8-year-old Americans.

Tsarnaev is a victim, in other words.

Forget the four people he murdered in cold blood, and those three Americans whose throats his brother slit in Waltham.

All these cold-blooded killer stories follow the same arc. His appeal will be denied, it’ll go to the Supreme Court — denied again. A few years will pass, followed by yet another round of slobbering sob stories, planted by his “advocates,” all of whom are on the clock, with the taxpayers picking up the tab.

Any reader could write these headlines in his sleep:

Washington Post: Tsarnaev greatest ‘austere religious scholar’ in Islam since al-Baghdadi.

Tsarnaev lauded as ‘role model’ for younger Muslim prisoners.

Aspiring rapper Tsarnaev releases new tune on Spotify — Jihad Rock, follow up to Shake, Rattle and Sharia.

Terrorist petitions BOP for furlough to visit sick mom.

Time magazine names Tsarnaev Terrorist of the Year.

Al Qaeda files friend-of-court brief in support of Tsarnaev’s halal hunger strike.

ISIS teen bride professes love of man she calls “Jihad Joker.”

Seriously, what is his complaint about being incarcerated in Florence, CO? He is a convicted mass murderer, after all.

And yet, he gets to hob nob, sort of, with other blood-soaked cutthroats — his fellow Muslim inmates include fellow austere religious scholars Richard “Shoe Bomber” Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui.

He can swap lies with another serial-killing bomber from the People’s Republic of Cambridge — Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

The only real job he (or anyone in his entire family had was selling narcotics. So he and El Chapo should have plenty to talk about in the yard, assuming he ever gets out of the cellblock.

Another Supermax inmate: crooked FBI agent Robert Hanssen, a traitor who was collaborating with Russians even before sedition became so fashionable among his fellow G-men during their attempted coup attempt against President Trump. Hopefully, in the near future Florence will have an entire wing set aside for all the bent G-men who betrayed their country, but for now, in his hatred for civilization, Hanssen would seem likely a future good buddy for the Joker.

Look on the bright side, Joker: They’re not going to execute you. Somewhere, 72 virgins are breathing sighs of relief.

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