Stevie “the Rifleman” Flemmi continues on the witness stand today in the Frank Salemme murder trial, after admitting last week to taking part in 50 murders during his 40-year career in organized crime.

Here are some of the photos of the people and incidents that have been mentioned in the Salemme trial in US District Court. We’ll post even more Tuesday!

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Now let’s begin our stroll down Mob Memory Lane:

Stevie’s first underworld boss, Wimpy Bennett, murdered by Stevie 1967.



Billy Bennett dead in snowbank, Flemmi was following behind the death car 1967.




Frankie Benjamin, murdered by Jimmy Flemmi and Wimpy Bennett in Stevie’s bar, 1964. (They then burned down the bar to destroy the evidence.)



Peter Poulos: Stevie murdered him in the Nevada desert 1969.



Winter Hill Gang organizational chart 1975.



Brian Halloran, murdered by Whitey Bulger on Northern Ave, 1982.



Roger Wheeler: Stevie pleaded guilty to his 1981 murder in Tulsa.



Howie Winter: the original boss of the Winter Hill Gang, now 89 and living in Millbury.



Frank Salemme under arrest in New York City 1972.


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