‘Stay out of Boston’ quote of the year

“Stay out of Boston!”

That could be the quote of the year, and what makes it even sweeter is that it was so unexpected – a state judge actually attempting to impose a little discipline on these spoiled, filthy antifa children who’ve throwing their bratty little temper tantrums for far too long.

“Stay out of Boston!”

Those words came from Judge Thomas Horgan, an appointee of the late Gov. Paul Cellucci, to one of the “men” accused of assault and battery on a police officer Saturday afternoon in Boston at the Straight Pride Parade.

In another courtroom, Judge Richard Sinnott turned down requests from prosecutors to dismiss the charges against another seven of the squirrelly, snot-nosed hippies.

Sinnott is a former candidate for state rep (against “Honest” John Rogers) and a Marine JAG. Charlie Baker got at least one judicial appointment right.

Check out the photos of the three drifters in Horgan’s courtroom. One blew in from Pennsylvania, two from Rhode Island. The one on the left is sporting a nose ring, or something. The one in the middle, with the multiple chins, has a man bun – I guess I’d be wearing a mask too, if I had a man bun.

You’ve heard of the right-wing proud boys – these antifa trust-funders are the dough boys, the Pillsbury Dough Boys. From Street Fighting Man to Street Fighting Boy. And they’re all overweight – they’d wash out of the old Clamshell Alliance, forget the Weathermen.

But it’s a cultural thing now, the blubber. That avocado toast really packs the pounds on these fops. And legal marijuana isn’t much of an inducement for the mouth-breathers to maintain their girlish figures.

I asked the district attorney, Racheal Rollins, to come on my radio show last night to discuss the instructions she gave her prosecutors to ask for dismissals in return for “community service.” She declined, but I hope she does agree to join me later this week.

You know, Madame DA, nine of these wannabe Brownshirts were charged with assault and battery on a police officer. And four of the cops were injured.

I would ask the DA, what if antifa had assaulted… an illegal alien? A transgender? Then would your office consider it a hate crime, or a crime, period?

I came into town Saturday afternoon myself. Oddly, I forgot to bring in a bottle of urine, or a mask, or a straight razor (for cutting the cops’ plastic cuffs). You know, it’s not really a fun weekend around the Public Garden unless you come with a “barrel shield.”

Here are some excerpts from the BPD incident reports:

“The crowd… began closing in and screaming at the officers…. two males donning homemade barrel shields…. Officers observed numerous tourists stopped on the street string as protestors continued to shout obscenities at officers… Protestors also assaulted officers while attempting dispersal and arrest… assault and battery dangerous weapon shod foot… officers recovered a folding razor blade….”

One explanation for the snowflakes’ violence: it was Aug.  31, the end of the month. Their EBT cards wouldn’t be reloaded until midnight. No TANF money for tattoos, or fortified wine. Bummer, dude, totally.

They call themselves antifa, as in anti-fascist. Actually, they’re anti-First Amendment. They don’t believe that anyone who disagrees with their fascist tactics has a right to speak. That’s about as anti-fascist as net neutrality is neutral, or the Affordable Care Act is affordable.

These people are fools, idiots, but they’re coddled by the likes of Rollins and, yes, Mayor Marty Walsh, who wants to have it both ways, mouthing tepid weasel words in support of his police while not offending these suburban losers who live in their moms’ basements and call one another “Comrade.”

No wonder you can’t get a date on Saturday night, comrade.

According to the police reports, these clowns also call themselves “the John Brown Gun Club.” Do they understand what happened to John Brown? Hint: it did not end well. I guess they know as much about history as they do about personal hygiene.

This is all going to end very badly.

If most of the powers that be (with the exception of cops and a handful of courageous judges) continue to allow these masked fugitives from Weightwatchers to run amok in the streets, there will come a day when some serious violence will occur, and it’s quite likely the reckoning will come down hardest on those who are now throwing “milkshakes” and bottles of urine at the cops.

“They weren’t here to go on the duck boats,” said City Councilor Tim McCarthy.

At the risk of dating myself, I’d like to close with this question: Where’s the Tactical Patrol Force now that we really need them. Never heard of the TPF? Goggle “Rabbit Inn Dorchester Street.”

vAnarchy never lasts long, and the hammer always comes down first on the thugs who started it. Have you moms read you a history book, comrades.

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