Statie Nabbed in OT Sting Wins Back $90K Pension Kiss

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Or if you don’t want to lose your tax-free kiss in the mail.

But corrupt thieving convicted felon ex-Massachusetts State Police Lt. John Giulino apparently never watched the old TV show Baretta, maybe because he was too busy stealing $29,000 with his badge and his gun and his free police cruiser.

In 2020, Giulino was stripped of his $90,000 tax-free pension pulled after he pleaded guilty to putting in for 85 overtime shifts on the Mass Turnpike that he did not work. He backed his felonious theft by writing fake traffic tickets.

But now, at age 72, the greed-crazed crooked cop Giulino has found a district-court judge who decreed that the kleptomaniac cop should get his bloated state pension back.

It’s just one hack helping another. Call it professional courtesy.

Let me ask you this: will you get a $90,000-a-year pension when you retire? And I’m guessing you’ve never been convicted of stealing more than $29,000 in public funds.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time – unless you’re a career Massachusetts hack. In which case, steal as much as you can, because there will be no consequences.

The hack judge who signed off on this latest heist is Mark J. Pasquariello of the Pittsfield District Court. He seems to understand that his shocking ruling will probably be overturned — in his decision he acknowledges that “I am mindful that our appellate courts in addressing the issue of (pension) forfeiture have generally upheld the SBR (State Board of Retirement) decisions.”

Let’s hope the courts do so again, because this guy Giulino should not only not be getting a kiss in the mail, he should still be locked up for all the money he stole.

But instead he’s free as a bird, because he adhered to the MSP’s ancient motto: “To Protect and Steal.”

Giulino was a lieutenant in Troop E, which was so breathtakingly corrupt that it was disbanded by Gov. Charlie Baker.

Baker is the same bust-out pol who nominated Pasquariello to the bench after his lackluster career in a one-man practice in Adams, handling wills and real-estate closings.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But you can bet this part-time payroll patriot never made anywhere near his current $207,855-a-year judicial handout until he took early retirement in the hackerama.

Now, after dying and going to hack heaven himself, the judge feels sorry for his fellow payroll patriot. Klepto Cop was stripped of his kiss in the mail after his conviction on a six-count felony indictment. Giulino could have – should have – gotten 30 years in prison, and a fine of up to $90,000.

Instead the thief got a wrist slap of probation, 100 hours of community service and an order to pay back the $29,018.54 that he stole from the taxpayers.

And he lost his pension, which is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a crooked hack.

So Klepto Cop filed suit, and found a formerly-starving lawyer with black robes who felt sorry for him.

The decision lays out Giulino’s wages of sin, sort of.

After losing his $90,000 hack state pension, the judge notes with extreme sadness, last year “the plaintiff received net Social Security income of $46 a month.”

He’s been married to a woman named Cheryl since he was 50 years old. Last year Klepto Cop and the missus reported “combined wages of $17,618.”

Cue the violins, please. Oddly, the hack judge does not mention that in 2016, the corrupt MSP superior officer made $216,504, including more than $10,000 that he stole in overtime he didn’t work.

In 2015, Giulino pocketed over $215,000, including $66,000 in overtime and another $18,000 in stolen funds.

But then he got caught with both his hands in the till, and now we’re supposed to feel sorry for Mr. and Mrs. Klepto Cop.

You see, he had to sell his crappy little house in Lanesboro for $375,000 because of “the Giulinos’ inability to make their mortgage payments… (they) realized little if any profit from the sale” after paying off their two – two! – mortgages of $183,000 and $100,000.

At the time of the hearing before the hack judge, Giulino was “living in a modest, one-bedroom apartment located above a three-car garage” at his daughter’s home in Chesterfield VA.

His darling daughter charges him $800 a month is rent, and he pays another $700 a month for health insurance. Mrs. G is forced to work nights “at a local bakery.”

As for the one-time Mr. Big in the multi-million MSP organized-crime theft ring out on the Pike, Giulino “describes himself as ‘unemployable,’ due in part to the felony convictions.”

Imagine that – a sticky-fingered millionaire cop stuffs thousands in stolen cash in his pockets, and now nobody wants to hire him.

But wait, there’s more. The judge is practically weeping as he recounts the tragedy of this extinguished lawman’s lawbreaking. There but for the grace of God….

“The plaintiff suffers from a degenerative knee condition for which a double knee replacement has been recommended.”

Maybe Lt. Giulino wrecked his knees trying to drag all those heavy bags of stolen cash out of the barracks.

But wait, he does have a business to supplement that generous $46-a-month Social Security check.

“The plaintiff’s ‘startup’ clock repair business does not recognize any profits and appears to be more of a hobby.”

A hobby – you know, like writing fake traffic citations to back up your falsified time sheets.

What a disgrace that even a low-level hack judge would try to give Klepto Cop his fat pension back. But you know what I always say about Massachusetts.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

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